08.10.07 Personal

A Warm and Sticky Feeling

he dangled the bright pink bag from her neatly manicured fingers and smiled. We bought a gift for you, she said with a Chesire grin sneaking just past her lips. I knew she regularly followed my blog, but when I opened the bag, my insides kinda went to putty...her thoughtfulness was sooo appreciated.

I don't know if it was my affinity for all things Post-It or just the sheer love affair I have with unwrappings things, but when I found the Galison Chocolate Dots and Stripes Sticky Notes, I wanted to melt with gratitude. I love gifts, but thoughtful gifts just kind of offer a heartfelt one-two punch to the soul...I was incredbly touched by her unnecessary benevolence.

Megan and Brent...thank you for the sticky notes...I love them! :)

Oooooh, I'm in sticky note heaven...look at all the different sizes and pretty designs!! :)

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nicole green - i am totally obsessed with sticky notes!! and i'm totally jealous of your fantastic gift. :) that's heaven right there!  08.13.07 - 11:00am
david & kim baxter - i thought the same thing love your handwriting! jazzystar font :)  08.11.07 - 10:34pm
Tanya Perez - Love these! I want some of these sticky notes of my own! Can't wait till next month. :)   08.11.07 - 11:20am
Jasmine* - Hahaha! Kelly, I guess my writing is a God-given talent...although it kinda looks sloppy in that last picture! :)  08.11.07 - 9:43am
kelly - I am just amazed at how much your handwriting looks like a font I would use all the time. Is this a practiced art or just a God-given talent?  08.10.07 - 10:06pm
Nataly - Oooooh, I love those! They are so sweet!  08.10.07 - 9:42pm
Jasmine C. - Those are just way too cute!!! :)  08.10.07 - 5:38pm
Jamie Delaine - Ah! Can I squeal? SO freakin' thoughtful. I have SUCH a thing for pretty stationary. Anything. Thank you cards. Journals. Post-it notes! Scrapbook paper. Mm. Everything goes across better when written on gorgeous paper. :)  08.10.07 - 3:07pm
Heather - Aww, how sweet! Don't you just love thoughtful clients?  08.10.07 - 2:49pm
StacyZ - Those are fabulous!  08.10.07 - 1:52pm
amber Wright - ooohhh...these are an ocd organizers dream!! i must find myself some of these little treasures :)  08.10.07 - 1:01pm
Megan & Brent - Glad you love them! I got them at Confetti in Ladera Ranch  08.10.07 - 12:01pm
Mary - ahhhh super cute!! love em!  08.10.07 - 11:45am
Tiffany - Darling!! I wonder where they found them? If you find out, please let us know!! Another fun post as always! :)   08.10.07 - 11:30am
cathy - those are so cute! How nice your clients were!  08.10.07 - 11:29am