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The iPhone and Major Miracles

t was a week before church summer camp before my mother realized my twin sister and I didn’t have a single pair of shoes to wear. We didn’t have too many shoes to begin with, but we most definitely did not have suitable run-around-the-campfire shoes. And this was an issue because my mom didn’t really have much in her checking account either…so we prayed. No, really, my mother asked us to sit around our dining room table—complete with mismatched chairs—and pray for God to help us find a great bargain. Apparently, my mother believed that God could take time out of his busy I’m going to tear down the Berlin Wall schedule and find us a nice pair of cheap sneakers.

And He did.

The following day, I trailed my mom at the local Pic-N-Save when, lo-and-behold, I saw the most amazing sight. Ever. At the front of the store was a life-size cardboard cutout of Michael Jackson and piled next to him were his designer line of LA Gear shoes. Piles and piles of overstocked and discounted shoes. I gingerly touched the cardboard image of Michael and then rummaged through sneakers to find my size…complete with silver studs, double-shoe laces, and two criss-crossed straps with metal buckles.

The Berlin Wall and my Michael Jackson sneakers. Two major miracles in the 1980s.

As I boarded the yellow school bus on my way to camp, some of the boys made fun of my outdated shoes. But I didn’t care. Yes, I was a little late in the fashion game, but they were still new to me. I sat on the sticky leather seat, pulled my knees to my chest, and gazed at my shoes. They arrived a little late from Heaven, but they were totally worth the wait.

Many years later, I’m still kinda on the better-late-than-never cycle. When the new iPhone burst onto the market last month, I wanted one so badly, but had a hard time justifying the purchase (com’on…after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad I look at every purchase differently and weighs its long-term benefits seriously!). Last Friday night, JD came home and surprised me with an iPhone. I was so excited that I almost started looking for its double laces and metal buckles! ;)

The Berlin Wall, my Michael Jackson sneakers, and my new iPhone. Three major miracles in the past few decades.

On a completely unrelated sidenote...I'll be blogging the two weddings from this weekend, so check back soon! :)
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sandie - i can't beleive you said michael jackson seaks!!! shiny silver studs and 4 laces in each shoe! WOW!  08.16.07 - 11:37pm
Shyla - I don't think you could dream up a more perfect husband!  08.15.07 - 10:05am
Angela - Congrats on your iphone! I love mine. This story is so much like my own, my Grandma bought me Nike's for church camp at Ben Franklin's (a chain that was in the south like Pic N Save). They were "slightly irregular" but boy I thought I was fancy. Thanks for sharing your stories, you have such a way with words!  08.15.07 - 9:44am
Mom and Dad - Jazzy, We laughed and cried remembering this day. Don't ever forget who provided those sparkling shoes. We won't. Jesus loves you and so do we!  08.14.07 - 7:43pm
Regina - I know I know I can't justify the purchase either! You lucky duck! What a wonderful husband...... Yeah! Michael rocked .... I had the purse....was I cool or what... I thought so. =)   08.14.07 - 11:30am
Fred Egan - Man, I totally had to rock the BK Knight after the were relegated to the clearance rack...but at least they had the Dymacel technology in the heels :D  08.14.07 - 9:47am
Jolene - You *really* do tell the BEST stories. Congrats on the I-Phone. I still can't justify the expense!   08.14.07 - 8:52am
melissa klein - jasmine, i love love love how you share stuff from life and weddings and the whole package. it makes you stand out so much and i really appreciate it...have fun with the new phone, it really is the coolest :)  08.14.07 - 8:16am
Melissa Koehler - Very cool! I am thinking I want one of these now. There were a few times this past weekend where I said, "now if only I had an iPhone I could find this place". Have fun with it :)  08.13.07 - 10:45pm
michelle evans - jasmine... you are a phenominal photographer but you also NEED to look into writting more seriously..what a talent you have.   08.13.07 - 9:04pm
Kristen Dawn - How do you like it? Touch screen things scare me... i never got an ipod b/c of that hahaha actually things that I'm not use to in general scare me... I'm just getting the hang of my chocolate from verizon (Which I got a month ago) :)  08.13.07 - 7:58pm
gabriel - i know exactly how you feel. i remember picking up my first pair of LA Gear at Mervyns, with my gramps and grams (and i had to complete the outfit with electric blue/pink/yellow "BO KNOWS" tank top).  08.13.07 - 7:02pm
Marlene Munoz - Beautiful story! God is the greatest provider! And, three cheers for the iPhone! Marlin has his and I am anxiously awaiting mine! (Ugh...contracts!) BTW, I was always late on the fashion train! I just recently let go of my scrunchies...J/K!!! Finally, thanks for the Bday comment! I had a wonderful day! :)  08.13.07 - 6:15pm
Jamie Delaine - Isn't the power of prayer amazing? It's something God has been REALLY speaking to me about this week. :) Congrats on the iPhone.  08.13.07 - 4:25pm
Nataly - Jasmine, you have such a way with words that I can almost see it all happening before my eyes! Have fun with your new iPhone!  08.13.07 - 1:32pm
Jasmine* - Yes, Jessica, but you probably got them when the shoes were cool...I got mine after they became uncool! Big--BIG--difference! Either way, I'm sure you looked totally hot with your double velcro straps! ;)  08.13.07 - 1:26pm
jessica claire - oh yeah? well, i had a pair of brittish knights double velcro shoes and they came with a new kids on the block tape. oh yeah, baby!  08.13.07 - 1:22pm
david baxter - we just love reading your stories. this one brought back a lot of younger day memories, although our shoes were from the grocery store isle 9 i believe also it's missing the govt lines for cheese and powdered milk .mmm...powdered milk :)  08.13.07 - 1:21pm
Ricki Ford - Don't feel bad Jasmine I have made that move yet either. I have the palm treo. But yes I want the iphone, and yes Ricki will have it!!! But not right now.  08.13.07 - 1:18pm
Julie - What a great story!  08.13.07 - 1:15pm
sara - just had to add, unfortunately my memories of the p n save are tainted by one horrible summer when my step -monster found me the most hiddeous brown bathing suit addorned with tiney little yellow flowers. It would probably be the height of fashion right now however, I was not feeling it that summer.   08.13.07 - 1:09pm
Sara Beth - Jasmine, I have been blog stalking here for a few months I decided I would come out of the closet for a bit just to tell you thank you for being so open about God and all He has done in your life. It is always awesome to see the greatness of God and I love when He reminds me I am not alone that He is working all over! It is refreshing to see you write about Him so freely in relation to your personal life and business. Oh and just as a sidenote ... I love your work! Obviously a gift from such a loving Father! Congrats on the Iphone!   08.13.07 - 1:07pm
Dina - Jasmine, I love your site and am so intrigued by your artisitc gift seen through your gorgeous photographs! I don't even remember how I stumbled across you...maybe on a search for relatives online. My maiden name is Starr, such a difficult thing it was to give it up for marriage! Not only do your eyes have vision for beauty but apparantly so does your precious to read about the small miracles God does just to prove to children that He does indeed care for them! God Bless!  08.13.07 - 12:12pm
jasmine* - Okay, Fred, I'll put you in my favs...only because I like you! ;) Ronnie, wasn't P-n-S the bomb?!? I kinda miss that store! ;) Bri...yes, THAT was what was in the bag...I didn't get excited in front of you because I didn't want to be THAT girl, ya know? The kind of girl who shows off and acts lame...but, when you left, I did a vicotry dance in my living room!! ;) Dustin, yes, God always provided...and STILL does! :)  08.13.07 - 11:03am
nicole green - you tell the best stories. :) sounds like you've got yourself a fantastic husband. ;)  08.13.07 - 10:59am
dustin steller - I love your little life anecdotes, Jasmine*. Yours today totally reminds me of when I was a kid. Things were always tight, but God always provided! I am jealous of the iPhone. I am waiting for the next version...and my contract to run out. ;-)  08.13.07 - 10:54am
Brianna - Wait....THAT was in the bag when he came home? Why did you not jump up and down and shout off the balcony? I didn't even realize that I now have to be jealous of you and Bi. Aren't you glad you were a good wife and gave him your phone that day?   08.13.07 - 10:54am
Ronnie Ruiz - Oh the days of wandering p~n~save! I grew up, partly, in so cal and remember those days. Congrats on the iphone! We can't get service here in Montana for it, well, not true, I do hear there is a 5 mile square patch of land somewhere in the western part of the state where it works ;)  08.13.07 - 10:41am
Fred Egan - Welcome to the exclusive club of the cool, sexy, hip, techno-geeky iPhone owners :D It's nice here! Put me in your contact favorites!!  08.13.07 - 10:40am