FAQ : Posing + Choosing Favorites

'm sitting in my hotel room in Seattle listening to the soothing sounds of morning traffic and JD getting out of bed. He always starts his day by swinging both his legs over the side of the bed. I'm a one-leg-at-a-time kind of girl. Left, then right. Anyway, for those who have offered support for the creativeLIVE course, thank you. And then thank you a thousand times more. I appreciate it more than I can express.

Today's FAQ post will deal with something that might be hard for me to fully explain over the web, but I'll try. Like always, these posts are just MY opinion and I'm definitely not authoritative on the matter. Everyone has their own way of posing, selecting, and labeling as favorite...but let's get a little more into it...

Earlier this week, I posted Marie+Charlie's Los Angeles engagement session. An average engagement session yields around 60-65 photos for the couple. About 10 images will be blogged, and about 40 will be used for the slideshow (my 10 favorites are included in the 40 for the slideshow). Obviously, the photos I post on my blog are my favorites and help define my style for future clients. But how do I choose my favorites? What helps me prefer one photo over the other? Essentially, it's a matter of preference.

I'm a photographer...but I'm also a purveyor of style. My style. I will choose online portfolio pieces that fall in line with my personal business trajectory. In any given location, I will likely shoot more than one photo, most of them being quite similar. How then do I choose what I want to feature? Here's an example (and Marie granted approval for me to use her and Charlie as my example)...

This is how I first started the pose. There happened to be two folding chairs on the street (hey, it's LA...randomness is everywhere!), so I placed them against this colorful wall. I instructed Charlie on how I wanted him to sit, as well as Marie. I stood on the street and snapped the following photo (all photos I used the 50mm, 1.2):

While I liked the bike racks in the first photo, I suspected they might have been a distraction for someone who'd like a more traditional photo, so I moved from the street onto the sidewalk for the following photo:

Marie looks adorable in the photo above. I love it. But I also realized that I was not accentuating her body, her form. By instructing her to lean forward, I--essentially--removed her torso and shortened her legs. But I still like the photo. It's cute and I really like the way Charlie is looking at her.

The photo below is an image I blogged. For me, it felt like 100% my style. Charlie looks confident, handsome, and strong (in body formation). By simply changing the position of Marie's legs and asking her to lean against Charlie, I brought back her torso and elongated her legs. In order to make the pose more natural, I asked her to tilt her head against Charlie's shoulder. Once that happened, the photo took on a new life and became one of my favorites from this section of their engagement session.

I know this is a lot of info and I don't know if I was able to explain myself in the best manner, but I hope it helps a little bit! I'll be talking more about posing and my shooting style today on creativeLIVE, so feel free to join the conversation from 11am-5pm PST!

Happy Thursday!
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Truc - Jasmine, this post is so helpful! Please keep doing these!  10.01.10 - 12:17pm
Ngee Jee - Hey, this is just what I have always been looking for. I have always wondered how does professionals like you help to pose the clients. Now I understand your approach, will definitely help! Thanks A Lot Jasmin!!  09.01.10 - 10:49am
Paige Elizabeth - Thank you so much for blogging this!! You are amazing!! You're great at explaining things, and it's a big help to all of us who adore your photography!!  08.30.10 - 5:33pm
Serendipity Photography - Great post! Thanks for sharing.  08.30.10 - 3:35pm
Judy Richards - Thanks for the information. As always your picutres are amazing!  08.30.10 - 6:03am
Debbie S - I never would have guessed why the middle one didn't quite work for me. Although I agree that it's very cute, she looks so feminine and has legs for miles in the last pose. My favorite of the three as well.  08.29.10 - 6:35pm
feuza - I have such a hard time narrowing down images and feel I take way too much still, any tips on not to do that, over hit that shutter?  08.28.10 - 11:37pm
Antony Hands - Thanks for the reminder - "elongate, elongate!"  08.28.10 - 8:30am
Linda Sherrill - Great post! Thanks for making us look and your blog, as always!  08.28.10 - 7:49am
Noa - Just wanted to let you know how awesome you are... Me and my friends from the forum have spent our Friday evening watching the wedding, discussing your amazing skills, and eating dinner/drinking wine while watching the wedding. We're sad its over, but can't wait for tomorrow! Thank you for EVERYTHING!  08.27.10 - 11:02pm
Brad Kinzer - Great post and I really like your photographic eye and your writing style.   08.27.10 - 10:36pm
Brad Kinzer - Great post and I really like your photographic eye and your writing style.   08.27.10 - 10:36pm
Brad Kinzer - Great post and I really like your photographic eye and your writing style.   08.27.10 - 10:36pm
Mark Martinez Photography - You have a clear and understandable way of explaining complicated concepts. And the photos perfectly illustrate the points you are making. This post reads like the opening of a chapter in a book. If you aren't already working on a wedding photography book maybe you should be?  08.27.10 - 10:11pm
Michelle Lunn - I am definitely guilty of "overposting" and I think it all goes back to the very begining when I first select which photos I decide to edit. Thank you for the tips! And although I work an 8-5 I am watching everybit of creativelive that I can!!!! You are doing a great job and teaching everyone SO MUCH!! Much love and appreciation to you! Can't wait for the wedding in less than an hour!   08.27.10 - 2:49pm
Tracy Ta - Ahhhhhhh ! I totally get it !! Thanks a gazillion for sharing your thoughts. You are lovely just showing how real you are. Mucho gracias ! J*  08.27.10 - 2:25pm
Neil Patel - Thank you! for posting FAQ, found out from calss you had talked about....again thank your for documenting notes on How to n etc. your work is amazing!!!...Neil  08.27.10 - 1:31pm
Aaron Bornfleth - Yeah, when I saw you working the 10 poses on creativelive, I was like, whoa, I gotta a lot of work ahead of me. That's what I'm going to do though. I'm defn incorporating that in my arsenal  08.27.10 - 12:30pm
Jeanette Sanchez - So helpful! Thanks Jasmine...wishing you an awesome wedding shoot today.  08.27.10 - 12:12pm
Chris Fig - This was a great post. I'd love to read more about your philosophy on posing. Thanks for sharing.  08.27.10 - 11:41am
Neil LaHaise - As a photographer that is just moving into the portrait and wedding area of photography. I loved this post. And I am learning a ton on creativeLive as well. Your doing great, and I can listen as fast as you can talk. ;o) Would love a list of venders that you use for editing and albums etc, to be posted somewhere.  08.27.10 - 9:56am
Karisa Joy - I LOVE how you have taught yourself to bring out the natural body shapes and poses. I'm definitely inspired to practice more on that.  08.27.10 - 9:08am
Tracy - This totally made sense! Thanks for posting, you are always so gracious and helpful!  08.27.10 - 8:58am
James Reyes Photography - You are so going to Rock it on Creative Live today! It's been fabulous so far!  08.27.10 - 8:09am
Bettie Sotomayor - I always thought all the poses were natural and the subjects just did it themselves, but you help move them into it and then capture the natural response to the pose. I love it.  08.27.10 - 7:49am
Libby K. - Great reminder that you're there to make your client look their best and not just snap a couple photos.  08.27.10 - 7:18am
Amber - Thanks so much for sharing all your amazing tips and ideas. I loved watching the wedding shoot yesterday on creativeLIVE. I plan to log on again today for the wedding! :)  08.27.10 - 7:04am
Tori - thank you so much for sharing this! i really appreciate the insight into how you pose the couples, that's super helpful! :)  08.27.10 - 6:37am
Pam Rauber - I like all that you did in these however, the bike racks don't bother me. I like her dress as a contrast to the background. I also like the litter on the sidewalk, yuk but it is the little punctuation marks that complete the photo.  08.27.10 - 6:29am
maureen - J* - You are so awesome. Your photography, your style, and your willingness to share with all of us is amazing. Thanks to you and Creative Live for helping all of us strive to be better photograhers!!!!  08.27.10 - 6:24am
Calvin Hill - Great post!! As I shoot more and more, I really start to see little bits and pieces of my style instead of another photographer. I really like how you do several poses in one location. Also, I am enjoying the creativelive course. I soooo am looking forward to the wedding.   08.27.10 - 5:27am
Kristen - super helpful, love these kinds of posts - thank you!  08.27.10 - 5:21am
Mark - YES YES Do more of this often, "break it down for me"  08.27.10 - 4:48am
Karen - The third photo definitely does scream, J*. Next time I'm not totally crazy about a pose, I'm gonna try to make little adjustments, rather than flat out give up. Thanks for explaining and sharing your thought process. =]  08.27.10 - 2:34am
jaqueline faria - Jasmine you are a amazing. I love these posts. Thank you so much for all you do the photography community. I mean you take time to actually teach/show us what it is you did... and to help us hopefully succeed. That is truly amazing!  08.27.10 - 1:06am
Holli True - Jasmine, I will never stop being amazed by how much you give. You are so incredible and you continue to inspire me daily. Thank you so much for all that you do! I hope you're enjoying Seattle and all the liquid sunshine! :)  08.27.10 - 12:58am
Leani Holmes - This is a great post Jasmine! Thank you for sharing.  08.27.10 - 12:15am
Victoria de Martigny - I am so happy that you blogged your thought process here, where I have the time to read it s-l-o-w-l-y :-) I absolutely love the last photo in the series for all the reasons you mentioned above, but also because you coaxed Marie's confident, beautiful self to come out (and she is totally STUNNING) while allowing Charlie to feel strong and cool. You ROCK girl!!  08.26.10 - 11:27pm
Candy Whiting - What a great wall! Really love this last image, and her dress is amazing! Enjoying the creativeLIVE course! thanks!  08.26.10 - 11:26pm
ErikaM - It helps a lot and makes perfect sense! Thanks J*! P.S. You rocked it today at Creative Live!!! :)  08.26.10 - 11:09pm
Tina - Jasmine I think you have just inherited a new blog reader on your site. however, I think I need to start from 2006 and play catch up on you. You are incredible, i have watched you for 2 days so far and I'm actually watching the replay of day 2 now. it's been totally amazing and what an eye opener you are. i can't wait for the wedding to get here. I have found a true inspiration from an awesome photographer, Just in 2 days I have learned so much from you it's amazing and I certainly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out to do this.. You turned your nervousness into awesomeness! can't wait for more to come from you. Cheers ~Tina  08.26.10 - 10:24pm
Magalie - Wow! I totally get you, that was perfect!   08.26.10 - 10:18pm
Sachin Khona - Jasmine, that last shot is brilliant. Love the expression, the composition, the scene and the pose!! I'm gonna break out of my usual way of thinking and feeling about posing brides/future brides and try out some new things... Thank you for another gem of inspiration Its valuable to learn, but invaluable to go out there and actually do it.. I hope I can soon! Sachin  08.26.10 - 10:10pm
Carl - Thanks for the info...I use a similar technique as it really works well for guys who are sometimes uncomfortable in front of the camera at first. After a while they are more relaxed and their interaction with their fiancees are much more genuine. Please continue to inspire us photogs!! Regards, Carl from T.O.  08.26.10 - 9:47pm
Jamie Smith - To be a part of this CreativeLive event is awesome and are rocking it! Thanks you so much!  08.26.10 - 9:42pm
Jen - You are so giving and I believe that good things happen to good people. Keep up the amazing work. And fabulous job on creativeLIVE!  08.26.10 - 9:41pm
ajira - Just beautiful! Thank you. And that 50mm. Oh!!   08.26.10 - 9:36pm
creativeKayt - Ahhh.... I got to watch most of the sessions today and some yesterday. You all are doing such a GREAT job! Especially, in lieu of the fact that this is a new thing for you. Woozer! You all are off the chart! I can't wait to tune in tomorrow. Congrats and thank you to Billy and Laura for being the vehicle for such an amazing sharing of knowledge. Too cool fer school!  08.26.10 - 9:34pm
shmilyface - In the last two days, my photography took such an explosive leap! People on facebook asked who the photographer was, because my style changed THAT much. I'm really, SO SO grateful for the assistance you have given me in finding myself as a photographer, and helping me become more confident as a woman. ;) You truly are a blessing.  08.26.10 - 9:26pm
LEOLAK - Ok...that's weird! I actually had a thought today...I wonder how she choosing her images etc. Too funny...does that mean I'm a little psychic? =) Thanks for the tips! I'm downloading day 1 now...and will be tuning in tomorrow for the wedding! Sooo exciting!   08.26.10 - 8:42pm
Pamela Topping - I love the shot you chose to blog. You have an awesome eye!  08.26.10 - 8:14pm
Deborah Zoe - thank you jasmine!!  08.26.10 - 8:12pm
AnneMarie - Jasmine, I love posts like this where you walk us through what you were thinking during your shoot. Your style rocks! aMw  08.26.10 - 7:34pm
Chris - I've been watching creativeLIVE for the past two days and I'm blown away with your energy, confidence and openess. I've been flirting with the idea of wedding photography, but you've pushed me off the fence - in a positive way! Keep up the good work and good luck tomorrow!  08.26.10 - 7:19pm
Heather Bird - Thanks for continued posts like this. I watched your interview with Chase and Day 1 and could not pull myself from the computer (even though I bought the entire event and can watch it again!) Thank you for doing this for the entire community. I wasn't able to watch today, but am excited to catch up! You are truly amazing and so motivating.  08.26.10 - 7:18pm
DeShelia - Loving you on CreativeLive. I'm on the east coast so I take the hour when you guys break for lunch to rush home and see what's next. Loved seeing the "first look". Thanks for being so open and honest about your challenges and fears. Great motivation! You Rock!!  08.26.10 - 7:04pm
Maureen - This post is awesome, totally got what you were trying to convey. When you are trying to take your photography from good to great, real specific examples like this are priceless. It would have been even better with the photo specs ; ).  08.26.10 - 6:33pm
brittani - It was very helpful, actually. =) Thanks for sharing. Gives us something to think about and focus on during a shoot.  08.26.10 - 6:12pm
Chloe - jasmine thank you so much for being so awesome and sharing all your knowledge. it's so helpful!  08.26.10 - 5:42pm
Marryam - Thanks for this FAQ Jasmine - helps SO much!  08.26.10 - 4:52pm
Alicia Damron - I love these types of posts, thank you! To get inside the thought process of any type of artist (and I include writers, actors, painters, photographers, etc. in my definition) is fascinating to me. I love that you share your thought process with us.  08.26.10 - 4:31pm
Robski - So, it's like this. Jas, you don't use your camera strap. You never have. Nor JD. What's up with that? I like my strap. I broke my strap. I have no strap. Can I have your strap please?  08.26.10 - 3:50pm
Jonni - Awesome examples Jasmine and I just want to let you know how much I am enjoying the Creative Live workshop. Thank you so much! This is the best workshop ever! :) Hugs, Jonni  08.26.10 - 3:15pm
Jas A - I love her shoes! and I love all three photos. Thanks for sharing your thought process!  08.26.10 - 2:55pm
RAMYAD Wedding Photographer London - It's rare that you get a photographer blog their thought process in such a way that you are J*. I love it and thank you for your FAQ's. In such a short time that I have started reading your blog I am overwhelmed with your generosity and spirit. Thank you for being you!   08.26.10 - 2:47pm
Sally - Thanks for the insight!! Loving the Creative Live course... thank you a million times over for being so gracious and sharing your knowledge and experience!!! :)  08.26.10 - 1:35pm
Guelph Wedding Photographer - Thank you so much for explaining your thought process on these really made a lot of sence :)  08.26.10 - 12:42pm
Mindy - Hi Jas!!! I love this FAQ post!!! Posing is one thing that I definitely stress about!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love these images too!!! Marie & Charlie's engagement session is definitely one of my favorites!!! I love the feel of the images...the dress, her hair, her shoes, the LA environment...everything!!! Fabulous job as always!!! :)  08.26.10 - 12:39pm
cassandra-m - Oooohhh...that DID help. You sound like Tyra Banks when you described all this. LOVE IT!  08.26.10 - 12:11pm
Rebecca - I love watching how different people judge photos. It is totally true that each person has their own certain style. I shot photos with a friend yesterday and we went through each others photos together and definitely had a distinct different style and different set of favorite photos. The only problem with it is, sometimes your customer has a different taste too! But I guess that's why they chose you as their photographer - they like your style. Thanks for all your great advice and sharing yourself.  08.26.10 - 11:45am
Lori Collett - Thank you so much for always doing these FAQs. They are so helpful! I have been watching you on Creative Live, and am loving every minute! You are so talented, and thank you for sharing all your experience and knowledge with us. It's for sure appreciated :)  08.26.10 - 11:32am
Toni - As an amateur photographer, this helps SO much! Sometimes it's hard to remember that the best of the best actually spend a lot of time posing their clients. I know that seems stupid, because I KNOW you need to instruct them, but your photographs always look SO naturally done, so thank you for this blog :)  08.26.10 - 11:26am
Jenni L - Thanks for all of your great posts and tips. Love your blog. I watched the course yesterday off and on-when my kids were occupied. :) Such good information and you did great! KIR. Love it. Thanks for sharing.  08.26.10 - 11:18am
sarah - thanks!  08.26.10 - 11:15am
Molly Kate - It's neat to see how you think about your posing. You rocked it on CreativeLive yesterday! So amazing what you're giving us all for free. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! Btw, love the artwork on that brick wall.  08.26.10 - 11:07am
Molly Kate - It's neat to see how you think about your posing. You rocked it on CreativeLive yesterday! So amazing what you're giving us all for free. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! Btw, love the artwork on that brick wall.  08.26.10 - 11:07am
Stephanie Stewart - I think you illustrated this perfectly, and it totally makes sense! Thank you! Can't wait for today's session of creativeLIVE! Learned alot listening yesterday, thank you so much!   08.26.10 - 10:51am
Alicia Swedenborg - first i loved the second photo and didn't get what was wrong with it, then i saw the third photo and realised it WAS nothing wrong with it. actually it's kinda what my photos would like. but the third photo has IT. that IT that you always seem to get (and i don't..). well, i can't wait to hear more from you tonight (or "today" in your timezone) i learned sooo much yesterday!! oh, and btw - you where so cute fiddeling with your fingers and waving you foot right before you started. you don't have to be nervous, you rocked it!! :)  08.26.10 - 10:35am
JacquelynnBrynn - love seeing the progression  08.26.10 - 10:28am
amy - love the shots! thanks for the insight!  08.26.10 - 10:18am
Ali Smith - Great post! I love the earlier shots too, but the change in Marie's pose in the last one really adds some magic for sure. The creativeLIVE workshop is just about the most invaluable resource I've ever come across - I'm hanging on your every word! Thank you SO much!  08.26.10 - 10:11am
Amber - This is very helpful. Posing is very challenging for me. Also, I was totally blown away by your show yesterday. I already purchased the download.  08.26.10 - 10:04am
jennawhere - i love this shoot--especially the colorful wall, what a great backdrop! btw, jasmine--your interview w/ chase jarvis and your creativelive course is SO very helpful, and i just think it's absolutely amazing that you are doing this and sharing it with anyone who is interested. thank you!!  08.26.10 - 10:02am
Ashley Daniell Photography - More, you must post more! I LOVE your FAQs. They are always very informative and helpful. Posing is one of my biggest dilemmas most of the time. I'd love for you to do another FAQ about it!!  08.26.10 - 10:01am
Mikaela - It's like you read my mind :) The hardest part for me is selecting which images to blog! And directing/posing is a work in progress...thank you for this post! Hope Seattle is treating you well...with our rainy weather and all!  08.26.10 - 10:00am
John Pascale - Your a mind reader! I just had a long conversation with another photog yesterday about posing. You nailed it! It's so important to just look at the photo you've taken and see how you can make it both better for your clients AND more in line with your style. THE EVOLUTION OF POSING, at least that's how i see it  08.26.10 - 9:59am
Danielle - Love this post. Love you girl! Thanks for sharing. You explained it perfectly. So loving seeing you on creativeLIVE. You are rocking it! This is what you were born to do. Praying for you today.   08.26.10 - 9:57am
Harmony Loves - Perfection! I really don't think you could have explained that any more perfectly than what you did. Step by step, and why & how. Love it :)  08.26.10 - 9:52am
Romonia Isaac - Thank you for sharing J*!!! I love the shot when you elongated her legs and torso and she leaned on Charlie. I guys I need to break out my 50mm more often! Granted, I don't have the f/1.2 but I have not used it during an outside session in a while. I cannot wait to see you guys at the chocolate factory today!!! Also, can't wait to see the session with Laura & Billy! I hope the fab 5 are ready to be third shooters for the marvelousness [I love making up words] that is you!!! I hope that you are enjoying the CreativeLive course, because I certainly am--as well as thousands of other individuals! Thank you again for being you and showing us all how you do, what you do!!! ;-)~ Have a great Thursday!  08.26.10 - 9:49am
Carrie - Thank you so much! I am loving Creative Live, you are fantastic!   08.26.10 - 9:48am
The real L.A. love story. - this is def the hardest part for me when shooting people. i am good at getting things naturally but when i have to pose, i feel all awkward and weird. but some of the best images do come from the photog posing the subjects so i gotta get more comfy with it.  08.26.10 - 9:44am
Melody Ray - Wow! Thanks so much for taking the time to explain this! It was extremely helpful for me (being very new to photography) and I was able to relate to my own expreince in a shoot just the other day! Definitly some helpful tips here. :)  08.26.10 - 9:43am
Staci Brock - Thank you! Always so helpful to SEE what is being talked about. And really appreciated your frankness yesterday during the CreativeLive course, in sharing your mistakes.   08.26.10 - 9:36am
Lydia - Jasmine, I am LOVING your creativeLIVE workshop! It's like 1000 of these FAQ posts each day!  08.26.10 - 9:30am
ann - Thanks for the tidbit can't wait for the show!!!  08.26.10 - 9:28am
melanie :: wyoming photographer - lovely post and very helpful. you are such an inspiration and i look forward to your blog postings. thank you for sharing so much of your work and yourself for the pureness of helping and inspiring others. :)  08.26.10 - 9:26am
Alli Mc - Great post, thanks so much!  08.26.10 - 9:25am
Sheila Floyd - I am officially a Jasmine Star fan (since last evening). I LOVE reading your words. You write just like you speak: openly, with passion and conviction, intelligence. To be confident but at the same time humble in your art, that is something! You seem to truly desire for all aspiring photographers to LOVE photography as much as you do, and your honesty shows in your words and actions. Thanks Jasmine. I will state again that your words live regarding why you quit photography a while back gave me tears.   08.26.10 - 9:25am
Alex - Jasmine, I've been watching you on creative live and you've been AMAZING! Loving it! Might even have to buy it :). Thanks for this FAQ :)   08.26.10 - 9:24am
Evie Perez - Wow how did you find time to blog today?? How long does it take you to write a post? I can't began to tell you how thankful I am for your openness!! You rock Lady J ;)  08.26.10 - 9:23am
Sue Gauthier - you're simply awesome! on this t}{aNkFuL t}{uRsDaY  08.26.10 - 9:21am
Kat - Thanks for sharing your thought process Jasmine! Intention is such a huge part of crafting a classic portrait, and sometimes I forget that!  08.26.10 - 9:20am
Megan Case - Jasmine, my friend, perfect timing. I'm preparing to shoot my first wedding in October and am absolutely clueless. I'm so thankful I'm getting instruction from you on Creative LIVE! Thanks so much for pushing through your anxiety/nervousness of being on Creative LIVE so that we can all benefit!  08.26.10 - 9:19am
Luciana Justice - I love your style! the simple way you explain things, and your sincere heart to teach and share your knowledge! I didn't know about you until CL course, I feel blessed to have found you online! Have a wonderful day! and Thanks a bunch!  08.26.10 - 9:12am
Lesley - Thanks for posting this! I have a hard time with posing and it definitely helps to see how you transition into a pose that fits your style (while getting a few other gems along the way). Really looking forward to Day 2 of CreativeLIVE. You were awesome yesterday!!! :)  08.26.10 - 9:11am
Melissa - Such sage advice. (and you don't even need a Zack Arias beard!) I love how you allow us in your head by sharing your thought process. I watched the CreativeLive rewatch last night. Thanks so much for just being you! I am looking forward to more today/night.  08.26.10 - 9:10am
Mindy A - Again, so very helpful, Jasmine. And Marie and Charlie, you're such rockstars.   08.26.10 - 9:09am
Anouschka - So, so helpful as always Jasmine! We're loving the CreativeLive course :)) Thank you SO much for doing this!  08.26.10 - 9:07am
Angie - I love this post. Simple and to the point! Third pose my fave! :-) Thanks   08.26.10 - 9:06am
Jenny - THANK YOU!!! This was awesome for me to read today. I love having simple techniques to think about while posing somebody - I like the second picture too, super cute, but LOVE your train of thought in realizing her disappearing torso and legs. Totally something to keep in mind with women! You're so awesome, thank you for all you do!  08.26.10 - 9:06am
Shanna - Wow, beautiful... as always. I would like to know though how you managed lighting both their skintones so beautifully - my man is Indian and has the most gorgeous dark skin and I always look like the ghost of Christmas past next to him cause I am "grab your shades" pale... so how did you achieve the balance? ;)  08.26.10 - 9:05am
Nicole - This is great Jasmine. Posing clients is always a challenge for me. I totally understood what you were saying and found it quite helpful! Your work is beautiful as always... Thank you!  08.26.10 - 9:04am
Elizabeth Ryan Photography - Jasmine- Just wanted to say- you are AMAZING! You definitely KIR! The post above is great- it is those little things that make us all better photographers! Thank you so much for sharing so much and being so real! You are fabulous!  08.26.10 - 9:02am
Jessica Swartout - Great topic! Sometimes I feel like I may over-instruct, because I want my clients to feel and act natural, but at times I think you have to because we are shooting "regular" people, and not everyone is natural in front of the camera.It's our job to make them look like they're naturals! I think the explanation was great! PS. I absolutely LOVE the creativeLIVE session you're doing and I feel like I've already learned sooo much! Thanks to you and the entire team! :)  08.26.10 - 9:02am
Andrea - You explained is perfectly! Well clearly stated! Thanks for the info :)  08.26.10 - 9:01am
Julian Reyes - Being from NY, I definitely like the bike racks and the background, just adds energy and style. Have to say the 50mm is amazing.  08.26.10 - 9:00am
Mei Teng - I see your flow of thoughts in the images above. You're really good with getting the couple to pose so well. Thanks for sharing.  08.26.10 - 8:55am