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Labor Day 2010 ... and Austin Powers

his is my fourth Labor Day as an independent business owner. I usually work on national holidays because...well...I don't know why, exactly. It's a mixture of loving what I do, timelines, and having a type-a personality. I'm really happy to say that I'm headed to Santa Barbara today and I plan on enjoying the drive up the well as dining at my favorite restaurants.

In other random news, I wore an outfit to Erica and Brian's wedding a couple weeks ago and it's haunting me. Just the mere mention of MY RUFFLED SHIRT and I feel queasy. You see, I thought the outfit would be cute. In my head. When I asked for JD's opinion of it before leaving for the wedding, he ran in the other direction and cited having to water his pet rock collection. I should have known then.

I, apparently, wanted to give Austin Powers a run for his money with my outfit. Or dreamed of being a backup singer for Liberache...

Happy Labor Day!
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katrina - Just read this since it was linked to your what a photographer should wear blog. This was a laugh out loud blog for me! Thanks for that, and thats so great of you that your able to laugh at yourself! :)   10.22.12 - 3:45pm
Truc - Have to say, this is one of my favorite posts! You're adorable even in ruffles!  10.01.10 - 11:54am
Bobbie Brown - hahahah! Okay, I am totally laughing out loud right now! However, you manage to look good even though you've got layers of fabric hanging from your neck! PS-I feel like I am leaving way to many comments... but just b/c I haven't been keeping up with your blog does not mean I can't leave ____ comments mintues apart does it?!  09.22.10 - 8:46pm
Walter Foto - great images, I like!  09.19.10 - 3:03pm
Todd - White On Rice Couple - Thanks for the self-depreciating charm. Gave us a little laugh at the end of a long day. It was a little pinky in the mouth like, but if you wear it with confidence, they will all just laugh near you, not at you ;)   09.11.10 - 11:18pm
sonya - you know i love you right? right. these people are lying to you. the shirt is hideous.   09.11.10 - 5:52pm
Amy Wenzel - Can I borrow that shirt when I come visit you?   09.09.10 - 5:43pm
cicilia - you look fabulous! i love the ruffle!!! :) xo  09.09.10 - 1:17pm
ellie - if I could look that good in that blouse, well I guess you shouldn't complain :)  09.08.10 - 7:12pm
Rachel Catlett - Very switched on, you're a bit of alright! ;)  09.08.10 - 12:51pm
Dana E - HILARIOUS!!! That was definitely a bad choice, but at least you can laugh at yourself! You should give yourself an apology gift and promise not to do it again!!! LoL  09.08.10 - 10:26am
Ro - sorry sista friend ~ i woulda told ya !! ;)  09.08.10 - 9:15am
joan.solitario - i think that's a really nice top and only certain people who wear it make it look good. like you! :D  09.08.10 - 8:59am
Michael - Just love the outfit Jasmine, en serio!!  09.08.10 - 1:29am
Becka @Studio222 Photography - I think it's cute. :)  09.07.10 - 6:57pm
Tammy Muecke - Hey, I used to have a shirt like that about 15 years ago!! I miss that shirt. It was my fav.   09.07.10 - 3:41pm
Swede - Yeah, no, that definitely didn't work. You're still adorable though ;)  09.07.10 - 2:33pm
Malinda Watt - I can remember trying to figure out what to wear to a job interview well over 10 years ago and I tried on outfit after outfit asking my dad for his opinion until finally he said "why are you trying to make a fashion statement at a job interview?" I went with simple and timeless. You J* are a much braver fashionista then I might ever hope to be!   09.07.10 - 2:18pm
Tracy - I think you totally rocked the ruffled shirt! :)  09.07.10 - 10:53am
Kayt - Sometimes, to be a trend-setter of note, you MUST take a few risks. And now, I'd like to thank you. I have the Austin Powers opening credits song stuck in my head.  09.07.10 - 9:27am
Tina - I think you're stylin' and profilin' with the ruffles.. You look good no matter what you wear.. Sincerely, your friend in Thomasville, Georgia  09.07.10 - 8:53am
Danielle - Girl, you look good in WHATEVER you wear!!!!  09.07.10 - 8:25am
Felicia Gwen - You are adorable!!!   09.07.10 - 7:54am
channing - hahaha, totally dying at Diana's comment... "you shouldn't take fashion advice from a guy that owns a rock collection." good times, j*.  09.07.10 - 7:15am
Karen - It's not THAT bad, haha. But then again...I was preparing for the worst after you mentioned it on CreativeLive. I think the outfit would be super cute without the vest though.  09.07.10 - 4:33am
SHALIN - Its good.....i like it and u look good in anything u wear :D  09.07.10 - 12:22am
SHALIN - Its good.....i like it and u look good in anything u wear :D  09.07.10 - 12:22am
Vanessa Del Pino - I will not lie to you like others on here. That shirt is not good. The first thing I thought when I saw it was the "Pirate" episode from Seinfeld...But the important thing here is that you saw where you were wrong, you've admitted it, and now you will never wear it again...Right?  09.06.10 - 10:56pm
Bridget - The most important thing, is being able to laugh at ourselves every now & then..   09.06.10 - 9:40pm
James Reyes Photography - You look a little more french than usual. But it's a great looking outfit. Just don't make it your usual work clothes :) Thanks for the laugh.   09.06.10 - 9:23pm
Brad Peters - I'm dating myself, but it reminds me of the "puffy shirt" episode of Seinfeld! Funny post, thanks for sharing  09.06.10 - 9:19pm
Samantha Shay - You pull it off, and I wouldn't have noticed it because your smile is wonderful. Isn't this part of the beauty of being a photographer? I suppose not when you're j* :)! I think you look fabulous!   09.06.10 - 8:16pm
E Schumann Foto - Groovy baby! ;) I would definitely do without the ruffle, and leave that business to Shakespeare - unless you want to take up a career of poetry, then by all means, go ahead! I do commend your bravery and your love for fashion though, because I am not as bold to wear anything out of my comfort zone. Ruffles and all, I adore you still!  09.06.10 - 8:14pm
Regina White - Girl you know if we were tight friends I would have been like ummm you might get it caught in the shredder. LOL. Your always cute and rockin it but your right Austin Powers is calling you right now for his shirt. Love ya..and I'll hug you in Chi-Town when I see you.   09.06.10 - 7:45pm
cassandra-m - It reminds me more of Seinfield's ruffled pirate But I like it.   09.06.10 - 7:40pm
Rachel - I think it's very pirate and Austin would loooooove having you in front of his camera. Very ARG baby, very ARG!!!  09.06.10 - 7:32pm
Sharon - what i love about you MOST Jasmine, is your ability to laugh at yourself. I didn't think you look like Austin Powers, of course that's until you mentioned it and now it's all I see :) But it's good to be different in my books!  09.06.10 - 6:55pm
Karisa Joy - Just OWN IT and you'll look fabulous! Or as my husband said "she looks cool!"  09.06.10 - 6:44pm
Barb - I was having a rough a day till I read your post today – I laughed for a moment – JD running other direction was sort a funny!   09.06.10 - 6:30pm
angela young - With those arms, you can wear ANYTHING you want! :) Who says you can't wear ruffles to the gun show? LOL! :) You rocked it!  09.06.10 - 5:23pm
Kristen - haha! That outfit is hilarious, in an awesome way.  09.06.10 - 4:57pm
Alec Castaneda - Yes I would have to agree with a couple of the posts. Seinfeld!!!  09.06.10 - 4:51pm
Mike - Where's the mariachi band ? LOL, jk....At least you guys are in some gorgeous light.  09.06.10 - 4:21pm
Krysta - I think your outfit is cute. You looking rocking, Jaz. <3  09.06.10 - 3:57pm
Corinne Noel † - I was actually thinking of Paula Abdul, I saw her in one of her videos in the "poet shirt" yours is however sleeveless. Then I think of Prince, he sported the sleeveless too while licking a guitar...yuck! I will NOT forget the Seinfeld episode with the "Puffy shirt!" Anyway you look at it, it's memorable, just like your photos and your personality :0)  09.06.10 - 3:37pm
Amanda - LOL. But I think you look cute. I like it  09.06.10 - 3:29pm
a little bit of whimsy photography - as per your usual ... you make me laugh out loud..  09.06.10 - 3:19pm
Lucy - Hey that's just the theme in your life right now. Risk Taker.  09.06.10 - 3:11pm
Leah - I admit I am a bit morbid but the first thing I thought of the shirt is the last line of The Highway Man by Alfred Noyes. I do like the poem. Not too crazy about the shirt.  09.06.10 - 2:07pm
kafi d'ambrosi - jasmine, the ruffle print takes us out of the realm of the j* experience into the domain of KIR. mil gracias por eso, si no, pensamos que eres siempre vestida perfectamente.  09.06.10 - 1:46pm
Marissa Nicole - I heard you talk about this on CL and now that I have seen the pictures, I totally understand what you mean. However, you look way sheeker than it girl!  09.06.10 - 1:05pm
Trudy - So when you mentioned this during your weekend in Seattle I really thought the ruffled shirt can't be THAT bad and that you were a tad bit exaggerating.... but i have to say yes the ruffle shirt is adorable, but you're right it's more appropriate for halloween.. sorry, but I'm not going to lie to you. So next time this is what you should do if ever an outfit is in question, wear it, photograph it, and if still uncertian post it... I'll be brutally honest for you and I wont run off to water my rocks or flatter you and say your outfit looks great when it's not. K-ing.I.R. girlfriend!  09.06.10 - 1:01pm
Tammynize - You sorta look like a pirate. In a good way. I like ruffles!  09.06.10 - 12:36pm
Robyn - Eh, sometimes boys just don't understand. I was wearing a cute maxi dress at our own party last week and the fiance said it was "inappropriate"...which meant it was "too fancy". I say keep on rockin' with your cute self. <3   09.06.10 - 12:26pm
Jerry Seinfeld - Hey, I found the missing piece of my puffy shirt!  09.06.10 - 12:20pm
Michelle Hires - I love your ability to laugh at yourself. You sure do look happy in those shots though ;)  09.06.10 - 12:00pm
Molly - You completely rock the ruffles, girlie!  09.06.10 - 11:53am
Romonia Isaac - Hilarious post and Happy Labor Day to you!!!!!!!!! I actually love the ruffled shirt but would totally wear it at night sans vest with a cute skirt! I'm shocked that it didn't bother your neck at all during the wedding. Yes I agree, very Austin Powers but hey he was cool too! Have a safe drive to Santa Barbara and enjoy your day! Happy Labor Day to everyone!   09.06.10 - 11:51am
Brook - You look adorable, I don't care what you say. I have been meaning to post to tell you just how much I appreciate the CreativeLive training you did. I learned SO much by listening to your Q&As and watching you work. I appreciate your honesty and hard work.  09.06.10 - 11:44am
Silvana - LOL, I looked at the pictures before I read the post (I always do that), I thought it was very nice. I love ruffles ;-)   09.06.10 - 11:24am
Lisa Ronco - too funny! So these are the secrets in making your clients laugh ;) You always look so fashionable, so just tell everyone that it's a new trend you saw coming up :)  09.06.10 - 11:13am
Sharleen - Hi Jasmine, first time commenting on your blog because I just had to share something incredibly hilarious that just happened. Guess what song came on the radio when I scrolled to your picture? The Austen Power theme song...NO JOKE. p.s. I think you still look cute though! :)  09.06.10 - 10:56am
Danielle Fletcher - I'm going to say something I want to say to you all the time. OWN IT. If you're rockin it, rock it. Never shame or doubt yourself or your choices. CAN I GET AN AMEN???  09.06.10 - 10:53am
Anne Elisabeth - haha you always look great, no matter what you wear. Stop thinking about it:P  09.06.10 - 10:52am
jasmine - Is it weird that I totally dig this outfit lol ?   09.06.10 - 10:49am
The real L.A. love story. - we all have our moments and i don't think yours is THAT bad. the rest of the outfit totally works. ruffles are ok too but maybe better with heals to balance things out. :)  09.06.10 - 10:43am
Maria Corafel Thomas - Your wonderful smile made your outfit still works. Thats just my opinion  09.06.10 - 10:27am
jamie delaine - hahahahahahhahahahah. jasmine, it's totally just the vest. if the vest wasn't worn, it would have been fashion forward. ;) you're so cute.  09.06.10 - 10:21am
Rammal - haha you look totally cute! <3  09.06.10 - 10:19am
Liberache - Hey, I've heard you sing and you've already got the outfit, so anytime you're in the neighbourhood.....  09.06.10 - 10:03am
Mindy A - It does NOT have puffy sleeves to match, so its cool. :)  09.06.10 - 9:44am
Magalie - Am I the only one who's thinking you need English riding boots and a riding helmet? ;) I think it's the vest. The shirt is fine, and the vest is fine but together..???? Reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw, she made everything fashionable.   09.06.10 - 9:40am
Sara Lando - nonsense :) you'd rock a garbage bag tutu and I think that shirt is cute. (BTW, never ask husbands for advice on clothes. I learnt to use the video function on my camera, and then walk, twirl and jump in front of the camera so that I can see myself as if I was a stranger)  09.06.10 - 9:40am
Christa - Ha ha....Tania's Sienfeld remark SO TRUE! Hilarious :) You still look awesome J* ruffled shirt or not!  09.06.10 - 9:40am
Melissa - Just throw on a velvet smoking jacket and a bedazzled eye patch and you'd be all set!  09.06.10 - 9:33am
Josephine - Help. i can't stop laughin' now!!!!! LOL! =)  09.06.10 - 9:32am
Kate Triano - It's a bit....ruffled. But cute! :)  09.06.10 - 9:31am
Tania Aguayo - It's the pirate shirt from Sienfeld!!! J/K. The outfit is really cute. Besides, you can where a potato sack and manage to rock it out. You are beautiful no matter what you wear!  09.06.10 - 9:21am
Marie Gross - Whatever, I love it! ;)  09.06.10 - 9:21am
Deanna Keese - But you kinda matched her dress...that counts for something right??  09.06.10 - 9:20am
Ricki Ford - YEAH BABY YEAH!  09.06.10 - 9:20am
Yadira Laguerre - I'm in love with that shirt right about now. You can mail it to me and I'll rock it in Jersey! lol  09.06.10 - 9:20am
lyncca - LOL, you are so cute. I love that you can make fun of yourself. I think you are typically very Miss Fashion, but this one might have missed the mark just a tiny bit!  09.06.10 - 9:20am
monica ouziel - You are one trendsetter girl! Love the ruffles...a little fluff, jazzy and jasminnee! :)  09.06.10 - 9:19am
Eddie Hess - Yes!! you should have known.. I would have to say, You sure the heck walked all over Austin Powers..Your Hot and he's not lol   09.06.10 - 9:16am
Anouschka - After hearing you speak about this outfit on Creative Live I'm so glad you shared this image LOL :))  09.06.10 - 9:10am
diana lupu - what?! that outfit is CUTE! And you shouldn't take fashion advice from a guy that owns a rock collection. just =) you are totally rockin those ruffles.   09.06.10 - 9:10am
Susan Dukat - OMG - you are cracking me up . . . it is pretty in a liberache (sp?) kind of way! Seriously - you can rock out just about anything!   09.06.10 - 9:08am
Mel - Jasmine you are so cute! I do see what you mean but your shining smile shows through and you are BEAUTIFUL! ps-where do you usually get your flats? I am searching for flats that work for me and yours look comfy and chic!   09.06.10 - 9:08am
nicole glazier - actually, I think it's a really cute outfit!  09.06.10 - 9:07am
Amber Grover - You can pull it off Jasmine! I think it looks cute on you! Enjoy your special day today!  09.06.10 - 9:06am
kelsy mccartney - jasmine you are a hoot!! you mentioned this ruffled outfit during creative live and i was secretly curious because i am a ruffle fanatic!! i shoot nearly every wedding rocking some sort of a ruffle. i appreciate your humor and the fact that you were willing to share this photo with us!! in the end, laughing at yourself is the best way to deal with nearly everything :) happy labor day to you and jd!  09.06.10 - 9:04am
Kristen - I think you could wear a potato sack and still look darling!  09.06.10 - 9:04am
Luciana Justice - I have one too and I loved it! but when I looked at it now, I try to rethink, I try to deattach "my soul" from the fact that I love it, and that I feel "chic" on it ... why did you guys had to mention ruffles on Creative Live course?!!!!! I think (but I need to get my confidence back on this on) that girls rock in ruffles!  09.06.10 - 9:03am
Katie Jane - Okay, I was picturing something MUCH worse from your descriptions on CreativeLIVE. I like it! It's cute! But yeah... it does have a certain Austin Powers quality to it.   09.06.10 - 9:01am
Frank Sandbye-Ruud - Haha! I love this post! "Water his pet rock collection" Priceless! :)  09.06.10 - 9:00am
tawnya gagnon - Oh Jasmine! I want to feed your ego, and I am not one to give advice on fashion, but lol.. I think the shirt is not to be worn twice. xoxo  09.06.10 - 9:00am
Julie G - You totally rocked it, i dont think you look ridiculous! You look cute, i think you pulled it off!  09.06.10 - 8:59am
nomorspam - Is this the one that you talked about during creative live are is the more than one shirt like this?? ;)  09.06.10 - 8:57am
Julie O'Dell - I think it's cute...although I am a die hard ruffle fan! Ruffle lovers unite!   09.06.10 - 8:56am
Carmen Whittaker - Ha ha ha.... I can see Austin Powers wearing it, but it looks so much better on you. You pulled it off.  09.06.10 - 8:56am
Becky - I always work on national holidays too! My favourite working days because I don't have to leave the house and can stay in sweats :)   09.06.10 - 8:55am
Julie Renee - Best. Post. Ever. (to be completely honest, I actually think it's kinda cute!)  09.06.10 - 8:54am
Stephanie Karen - LOL, I love it. This is one of those moments you realize it looked cuter on the rack than on your body. Laugh about it, Cry about it or post a blog about it and give the shirt to Goodwill :)   09.06.10 - 8:54am
Emilie - HAHAHA! I think it's cute!!!   09.06.10 - 8:53am
Linsey - You can pull off any outfit and make it the cutest thing ever! The sad part is you are going to see others trying to pull off the same look and it just wont work! You are adorable and you rock the ruffles!!!  09.06.10 - 8:51am
Kare - Kramer called; he'd like his puffy shirt back. :-)  09.06.10 - 8:50am
Jessica - Your earrings look cute. ^_^  09.06.10 - 8:50am
Rensche Mari - Jasmine, dont be ridiculous! you do look very cute, JD just doesn't know fashion like girls do.   09.06.10 - 8:49am
Lara Rios - Jasmine, I think you look fabulous as always!   09.06.10 - 8:48am
Rita Bomberry - Liberace would have been proud!! LOL  09.06.10 - 8:47am
Lynn Childs - Your hilarious J* and the shirt is adorable! Have a nice drive up the coast!  09.06.10 - 8:47am