Sunstone Winery Wedding : Bianca + Matt

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denouement is not a complete or fully resolved ending but a satisfying closure to a story. It means in French "an untying, a relaxing of a knot of complexity." Denouement is the rest that comes when all the disparate plot lines of the a story, gnarled and taut, have been untied and an order comes about that brings a new moment of true peace.

Denouement is an ending that serves as the prelude for a new beginning; there is always the next turn in the road. Often times, we don't allow endings to be noted, let alone celebrated. Therefore we never allow denouement to invigorate the upward movement and creation of a new story.

At Bianca and Matt's wedding last Tuesday at Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, we celebrated the denouement of two stories ending and one new story beginning.

Bianca and Matt...I have no words to adequately express how much I love you. How much I need you. How much I want you. Together. In my life. For the first time I was able to see, truly, you both melt into each other and grant the permission to be captivated by the other. Dare I steal Matt's word...but I will. Your wedding day was magical. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. I lovelovelove you, even on the days when I don't show it. Congrats and I hope you spent time forcing Matt to work on his tan in Mexico! :) Much Love and Appreciation... j*

Jacky, one of Bianca's dearest friends, gave Bianca a pair of Christian Louboutin's to wear on her wedding day. Uhhhh, makes me ask myself where Jacky was when I got married! ;)

Bianca shall I say this....DRAMATIC. If you've met her, everything! is either THE BEST thing she's ever eaten, how SHE ALMOST DIED in two inches of water, or the time she'd said NEVER, EVER AGAIN...EVER...and then did it the following day. She's just like that. So when Bianca picked her Pronovias wedding dress, it just fit her personality perfectly!

Lucky for me, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jaclyne from Heavenly Blooms...she's extraordinarily talented and really helped hone the vision for the wedding day...

Many thanks to the uber fab Nicole Deanne for hair and makeup. Bianca looked positively radiant...and I have no doubt that last minute iridescent eye shadow Nicole use had a little something to do with it! ;)

Just before Bianca got into her dress, the amazing Stephanie Fay came in to capture candid shots. Like this one. It made me cry. I'll be the first to say my family is crazy--oh like we dance after someone gets into a wedding dress!--but this moment will forever be frozen in my mind as one of my favorites from the day.

So...people wanted to ask when I knew. When I knew I was supposed to be my sister's wedding photographer. I can pinpoint that moment precisely. The picture on the right was when it clicked for me. Stephanie was shooting, but I was DYYYYING without my camera. I ran to the other end of the room, and started shooting again. The minute I knew I couldn't capture moments on her wedding, was the moment I realized I had to.
Jewelry: J. Crew

After getting dressed Bianca went to the ever gorgeous Sunstone Winery. No, really, this place is unreal. I could shoot a wedding everyday there. It was perfection. While Bianca waited for Matt, I snapped a few photos of her...seeing how I can always make her laugh...

...Okay, and I can also bring out her inner fierceness, too! Special thanks to The Treasured Petal for Bianca's hairpiece...

First Look

This photo was captured by Stephanie...

This is proof. Proof that not only does my sister think I'm funny, but now her husband as well! ;)


Matt, you look so darn handsome!!

The beauty of the Sunstone Winery is that if offers so many locations for wedding photos...

Go on wit yo bad selfs...

I was so, so, so thrilled to work with my favorite videographers, Elysium. Julie and Alex have become my friends over the years and I love, adore them! They're amazing at what they do, so having them shoot the wedding at my side was a HUGE honor! Alex was actually the one who placed Bianca and Matt in this location...and I loved it!

It was rather warm as we were shooting wedding pictures, so we decided to head back into the shade. On our way back, Bianca and Matt were being all lovey and stuff, and these photos are some of my favorites from the day...because it's just so them...

Again, here's Jaclyne working her floral magic with Bianca's bouquet.......lurrrrrved it!, so's where the thank yous get outta control.
The people behind the wedding day coordination were the fabfabfabulous Anna and Angel of Events of Love and Splendor. Per usual, they worked with Bianca to refine ideas and execute a flawless day. I've had the pleasure of working with them in the past, but seeing their diligence and hardwork for such a personal time in my life're incredible at what they do!

Bianca decided to get crafty and make a few things for the wedding details. Oh, remember those days of Bountiful Harvest?!?! Ummm, yeah, they're way gone! Once Bianca settled on a wedding theme, everything feel into place and the ball got rolling. Many thanks to Jeni of Found Vintage Rentals for working her magic and adding elements to the wedding day to make it absolutely breathtaking. Jeni, you're the bomb.

Also from Jeni's vintage collection were these white church pews. When my sister saw them, she died. Then revived just long enough to call me and let me know she found dream details for her wedding. Jeni's touches throughout the wedding were phenomenal!

I was lucky enough to walk down the aisle with this princess. I am so smitten with Ryen it's not even funny.

I might be biased, but Bianca's ceremony was one of my by JD

One of the funniest things happened...
My dad (who officiated a portion of the ceremony) almost forgot to have them exchange their rings. JD was in just the right location to capture his reaction...

Stephanie captured the First Kiss perfectly...

We immediately left to Root 246 for the wedding reception and I got back to'll see again and again how Jeni's vintage collection, Angel's coordination, and Jaclyne's floral design worked so well together...

One of my favorite parts of their reception...a dessert bar filled with goodies from Solvang Bakery

First Dance...Stephanie's angle...
...with perfect music provided by the raddest DJ ever, Jeff Kishi

First angle...

To see more of Bianca and Matt's Sunstone Winery wedding photos, please feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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HayleyLane - Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! So much heart and soul <3  04.05.14 - 10:15pm
Rachel - Wow. I had heard you talk about your sister Bianca but had no clue she was your TWIN sister! It's like there is 2 of you ;) Wow! Gorgeous photos. I'm a photog from UK and I aspire to be [at least half] as good as you! Love your work so much! x   04.04.14 - 9:19am
Elizabeth Swan - This is probably my favorite wedding you've ever shot. It's so stunning. You have definitely captured the essence of their love.   09.24.12 - 10:15am
Tara - beautiful! What a magical wedding....  12.28.11 - 6:02pm
Erin Davenport - Oh my goodness, Jasmine! I didn't realize Bianca got married at Sunstone, I just visited there a few weeks ago! I live nearby. It is such a gorgeous place--loved seeing it from your perspective :) "love succulently" = so cute!  05.19.11 - 8:59pm
Little White Agenda - This wedding is simply breathtaking! Your photography is stunning and your Dad rocks!!!! Thank you for posting it and making my day. Just gorgeous.  11.24.10 - 2:26am
Dawn Camp - This is so perfect, so beautiful, it's making me tear up. What a special day for your family. Your dad looks like a darling!  10.27.10 - 8:17pm
Southern Ca Photographer - aaah you didn't post a picture of your family. i know you normally don't blog those but it's YOUR family. maybe in a future post?  10.24.10 - 3:41pm
Melanie Jade - Wow, your sisters wedding is the coolest I've seen in a while. LOVE the details, and the play on succulents!   10.04.10 - 12:20pm
Vanessa D'Anna - What a beautiful couple! The pictures say it all! Absolutely gorgeous!  10.01.10 - 2:50pm
Truc - I'm awestruck at how amazingly gorgeous this wedding was. Congratulations to Bianca and Matt! How lucky and special for both you and your sister that you photographed her wedding.  10.01.10 - 11:40am
Jill La Fleur - Beautiful, Jasmine! The photos, your sister, everything! And in my backyard-I absolutely love Sunstone! Congrats!  10.01.10 - 9:39am
Sébastien D'Amour - Montreal wedding photographer - Very nice and simple set of images. I love the reaction they have when they are holding hands during their vows!  09.30.10 - 5:13am
JasonG Photographer - So cool that you were able to shoot your sister's wedding - So much fun!  09.28.10 - 8:24am
jenny haas - WOW! she looks so much like you! Everything was so beautiful, I love all of the simple yet elegant details!  09.23.10 - 10:39am
denise karis - i am so behind on your blog and totally regreting it - i love this! she looks BEAUTIFUL! EVERYTHING looked beautiful! How wonderful, Jasmine! Congratulations on your new family member too!! I love the details shots and the one of your dad and i love her dress and it all looked so so so so beautiful.   09.23.10 - 2:56am
Darcy - Jasmine! I love your bridesmaid dress so so much. What are the chances you can let me know what the brand is and where you got it??? I am planning a December 10... yes... this year idos:-)   09.22.10 - 9:10pm
Bobbie Brown - Your sisters wedding pictures are amazing! She looked beautiful, every detail was gorgeous, LOVED the flowers on the candle sticks! Love it all... (can you tell I am playing catchup on your blot? My google ready said I had 17 posts to read of yours! I don't think I have ever been so behind! haha!)  09.22.10 - 8:28pm
Sam Obeid - Fantastic photos top to bottom!  09.21.10 - 7:27pm
Angela Waterberg - Really breathtaking. Your sister is stunning and you captured her wedding perfectly :) ... obviously!   09.21.10 - 1:52am
Emily - I am dying over this wedding. It's gorgeous and makes me want to change my entire wedding day. Amazing job!  09.20.10 - 8:45pm
ksen : ) - absolutely. beautyFULL,,, Jasmine ~ a huge BIG heartfelt CONGRATS to your sister & her hubby! <3  09.20.10 - 7:48pm
Bella Taylor - OH MY Goodness these are just amazing, and sooooo special. Congratulations to Bianca & Matt wishing u both the most amazing life together full of health and happiness xo   09.20.10 - 5:23pm
carissa donarummo - Every picture was more beautiful than the next! Thanks for sharing.  09.20.10 - 5:11pm
Leilani Tucker - Hands down the most beautiful images! Watching the slideshow made me feel like I was there!   09.20.10 - 9:27am
Nicole DeAnne - OMG! I'm dying over these pictures right now!!! AH-mazzzz-ing! I had such a blast dolling you chicks up for this very special day.. it was beautiful to see your relationship together. AND to top it off you girls are breathtaking! Bianca looks so happy, & I am so happy she found the man of her dreams!!!  09.19.10 - 10:44pm
Mary Carlson - I love your decor shots! Too many photographers forget to take a picture of the room before it gets cluttered! Beautiful work.   09.19.10 - 5:24am
Cindy Lee - OMGosh Jasmine! I cried like a baby looking at these pics. I got swept away by the feel of love & laughter of what seemed an incredible day. Congrats to you all xx  09.18.10 - 10:42pm
Mom - The wedding was fun, fabulous and beautiful!! I loved being there as your mother and friend. I greatly appreciate the awesome artistry of Jeni's vintage collection, Angel's coordination, and Jaclyne's floral design. They worked fabulously together. Love you all!!  09.18.10 - 8:48pm
Linda Sherrill - Pure perfection! I have no words....  09.18.10 - 7:48pm
RAMYAD Wedding Photographer London - I love the light in some of these shots. The ones in the shade, first look, are great. The one where Bianca is laughing back at you is fantastic.   09.18.10 - 12:06pm
Agnes - Jasmine, this is absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite of all your entire wedding shoots... EVER!!! And Bianca looked sooo happy. There's so much love oozing out of every shot!!  09.18.10 - 11:23am
Steve Lewis - Those details WERE awesome. Loved the succulents idea. If I ever get married again, I'm all over the succulents!  09.17.10 - 8:07pm
Maalaea - Absolutely lovely!  09.17.10 - 7:49pm
kati - Oh my goodness! Lovely captures hon! This wedding has to be my favorite one you've show cased! Your sister makes a beautiful bride and how lucky you two are to have eachother.   09.17.10 - 4:38pm
David Stringham - You and your sister look almost identical. Are you twins? It must've been special for you to capture your sister's wedding. I know that I have felt uncomfortable taking photos at a family wedding, but that may be part of my personality. Just wanted to say that the photos are AMAZING. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself.  09.17.10 - 4:24pm
Jacqueline - Well I've looked at these pics about 4 times now. I am just so stinkin blown away by them. I still get a bit choked up when I see them. They look sooo beyond beautiful and happy. Being a part of all this totally blessed us! Everything was out of this world gorgeous. Love you guys!!!  09.17.10 - 11:19am
Rosaura - Wow! Super congrats to the whole family! :)  09.17.10 - 8:54am
Sarah McDonnell - Lovely work as per usual, love your photography.  09.17.10 - 4:47am
Skye - Jasmine WOW. What a radiant bride your sister was. And they met online, SO lucky. You both have the most infectious smiles, I smiled throughout the entire post.   09.17.10 - 4:42am
Jeanette Sanchez - I'm speechless. What a gorgeous wedding day. Great job to everyone involved!  09.17.10 - 12:21am
Angie - Delurking for the first time ever to say that I, too, HAD to be my sister's wedding photographer. And maid of honor. Who had a camera. :) I feel you. Congratulations all around.  09.17.10 - 12:10am
Amanda - oh my gosh, I love the pews. Everything!! So cute. And what a stunning couple!!  09.17.10 - 12:02am
inta - Great coverage as always...but for a second i got confused:) looked like you are getting married. You girls look a like a lot :)))  09.16.10 - 9:41pm
Photography Tutorials - This might be my favorite wedding of yours yet! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful moment of your family!  09.16.10 - 7:23pm
Lauri - So so beautiful! Those church pews are fabulous. Bianca and Matt are so stinkin' cute together!  09.16.10 - 6:44pm
jo ann - Wow, what a beautiful wedding. It is obvious by these images that you were deeply touched and emotionally involved. The one of your dad is precious. Congrats to your entire family!  09.16.10 - 5:07pm
Claire O'Hara - I absolutely adore these photos. I feel at a loss for words which is rare. But it's seriously breathtaking. Congratulations to you, your sister and your family!  09.16.10 - 4:24pm
erika - Gorgeous! It's so weird, in some shots it's like "why is Jasmine hugging not-JD!" and then others, you can easily tell it's not you. Must be the eyes =)  09.16.10 - 4:01pm
Chris - Can't believe there are two of you in this small world! Beautiful photos, as usual.  09.16.10 - 2:24pm
Anna - All the details of this wedding are just perfect! I love the use of succulents. Gorgeous pictures...thank you for sharing them.   09.16.10 - 2:11pm
M. Clay - The cacti, the "succulent" theme, the twins, the details....oh man, it was all just lovely.  09.16.10 - 12:47pm
Lthompson - Breathtakingly beautiful! You and your team outdid yourselves with this one.   09.16.10 - 10:06am
Gabriela Fuentes - How beautiful. Congratulations to your sister Bianca and her husband Matt.  09.16.10 - 9:53am
Terri Cannon - So beautiful! The images are just breathtaking! Thank you for sharing them.   09.16.10 - 9:49am
Harmony Loves - I adore everything about this wedding! The theme, the colors, the dress, the images and I especially love that your sister looks extremely happy! The love shows in every single image!!  09.16.10 - 9:44am
Nicola (Pointy Pix) - You and your sister are just stunning. Obviously this wedding meant just that bit more to you than others you shoot but OMG I can nearly feel the love emanating from my computer! Your dad is really cool btw and I think my favourite picture for sheer joy and unbridles happiness on the faces of your sister, her husband and your dad is the one just before the first kiss -!  09.16.10 - 9:36am
Chad Banning - The pictures themselves don't look any more or less fabulous than the one that are usually posted but there is no doubt that there is an unbelievable level of love and pride in this post. Thank you so much for sharing.  09.16.10 - 8:55am
Ernst - Your dad looks super cool! Does he drink Martini's? Mmm. Jasmine, I just finished watching the download of the Creative Live event. You are AMAZING. And I'm sure the experience has made a strong woman even stronger. Congratulations   09.16.10 - 5:20am
diane ( - just beautiful!  09.15.10 - 8:30pm
Mel - to quote Rachel Zoe- AH-MAZING!  09.15.10 - 7:39pm
Angie Mack - Took my breath away! God's glory captured in every photo. Thanks so much for documenting this, J*.   09.15.10 - 6:53pm
kayla :) - one of my utmost favorites Jasmine. I don't know why, but I almost started to tear up on some of them. I guess I could really feel the love! May God always bless you with the gift He gave you.  09.15.10 - 6:34pm
feuza - I could not wait to see this and I can not get enough of it!!! love love and love, loved the slideshow seeing you behind the scenes with your family having fun  09.15.10 - 6:04pm
jasmine - Omg my wedding is going to be soo much like your sister wedding. My dress is pronovias and my flowers are all succulents ! Man your sister is so lucky to have you jd and Stephanie shoot her wedding ! Beautiful details and of course great photography !   09.15.10 - 3:57pm
Rich Park - wow, amazing shots! she seems to laugh and smile just like you!  09.15.10 - 3:04pm
Trevor Allen Photography - I shot my sisters wedding last month and I shoot my brothers wedding on Friday. You did such a wonderful job with your sisters wedding. It must have been an emotional day for you. Congratulations to your sister.  09.15.10 - 2:14pm
Mireille - Truly breathtaking! Spectacular! Amazing! And glad to see you decided to be your sisters wedding photographer.  09.15.10 - 1:53pm
Heather Ham - I thought I recognized the venue. I went on a family vacation and we went wine tasting, and Sunstone was one of the vineyards. I fell in love with the facade & ambiance & rustic feel of the place. This is a gorgeous wedding and I'm so happy for your sister!!! Gorgeous photos, as always!!  09.15.10 - 1:46pm
Kelli Avila - I have a love affair with my succulent garden. This wedding is perfection. Love!  09.15.10 - 1:42pm
Chanelle Segerius-Bruce - The details are out of this world. Love the "flowers" ... nice to see your sister looking so happy. Congrats.   09.15.10 - 1:40pm
Stephanie Fay - Seriously... I felt SO honored to have been a part of this day! Jasmine, thank you for allowing me to be there! You ROCKED out being a bridesmaid and an AMAZING photographer for your sister. always amazing. love you.   09.15.10 - 12:17pm
Marci - Wow Jasmine she looks so much like you. Beautiful girls you are!   09.15.10 - 12:06pm
Amy Arrington - Absolutely beautiful. :) Love them.  09.15.10 - 11:17am
Mikaela - I think that was the BEST first look you ever captured! Incredible details, incredible dress, incredible bride + groom and incredible wedding photographer(s)!  09.15.10 - 10:44am
Jonni - Oh Jasmine! These images of Bianca and Matt are simply stunning! Your sister is so beautiful (just like you) and Matt is so handsome. Thank you for sharing your wonderful images of their special day with us. Congrats Bianca & Matt! :)  09.15.10 - 10:26am
Lisa - Every single photo is beyond BEAUTIFUL!!!! :) Lisa  09.15.10 - 9:50am
megan plenge - I'm so so happy and excited for Bianca and Matt!! Jasmine - you (and stephanie) did such an amazing job capturing such a beautiful day! I wish my sister could get married again so I could shoot her wedding this time around. :) What a blessing it is for you to shoot the wedding!! Congrats Matt & Bianca!  09.15.10 - 9:37am
Ciara Richardson - Absolutely beautiful! The wedding, the bride, the groom, and photos. My fave wedding session fo sho!! :)  09.15.10 - 9:21am
Nicole Glenn - It may be because I adore you both, but this is easily your best work. Such a beautiful wedding and I can feel how happy and in love they are. And OMG, Bianca is workin' that dress!! I'm so glad the photographer/maid of honor dual responsibilities worked out! xoxo  09.15.10 - 8:17am
Jessica - Bianca and Matt...what a perfect couple! These images made me tear up...they are so precious together! Bianca looks absolutely breathtaking! Congrats to them!   09.15.10 - 8:00am
Amy - I have followed this blog for years, but have never posted a comment until today. I have to get this off my keyboard - this is THE most beautiful wedding I have EVER seen! Magazines, TV, other photography blogs; this one is hands DOWN the most gorgeous. The flowers, the table arrangements, bride, groom, shoes, dessert bar, every last incredible little detail is exceptional. And the fact that this wedding is tied to your sister, makes it all the more beautiful.   09.15.10 - 7:46am
angela hubbard - soooooooooo gorgeous. congrats to Bianca and Matt, you and your family. xo  09.15.10 - 2:36am
J - Heavenly Blooms - Wow. Just wow Jas, you... just wow. I am blown away by the amazing images, what a dream team you, JD and Stephanie made. And you just captured Bianca and Matt so perfectly. Just wow... hoping to see a few more sneak peeks : )   09.15.10 - 2:28am
Cherrie - The shot of them seeing each other for the first time reminded me of when my man Lars and I saw each other at the airport after so long apart. The emotion and the excitement all rolled into one, it really moved me.  09.15.10 - 1:25am
Dave - Amazing, It's 7 am in the morning in the UK it's raining outside and these images just make you wanna get out there and bring sunshine. I am fast becoming a big J* fan. Thanks for sharing.   09.15.10 - 12:24am
Leani Holmes - Your sister's wedding was perfection, down to the last detail!  09.15.10 - 12:24am
salina aguirre - bianca looked soooo gorgeous. everything was perfect about her !! awesome pictures ! your mom looked awesome too ! congrats to bianca and god bless you all.   09.15.10 - 12:22am
Amy Wenzel - These photos make me homesick for my family. Now I feel like a jerk for telling you not to photograph the wedding or you wouldn't enjoy yourself. It is so cool seeing it through your eyes. I'm glad you didn't listen to me!! I'm really happy for Bianca and Matt.   09.14.10 - 11:40pm
Girish - Fabulous shots.  09.14.10 - 11:39pm
Amber Fox - OMG, these photos are incredible. I LOVE all the details and the succulent theme consistently running throughout the whole day. It looks like an incredibly beautiful wedding and that your sis had a perfect day. So fun! Now your family is that much more blessed. Many blessings for your sis and her new hubby.   09.14.10 - 11:37pm
s h e r r y - Breathtaking images! Steph, JD and you all did AMAZING! <3 And Bianca and Matt look so so happy :D  09.14.10 - 11:16pm
Michelle Hebert - Wow, what a beautiful wedding! Congrats to your whole family and making it even that more special by photographing your sis' wedding. Goodness, what a team of SERIOUSLY talented photographers!  09.14.10 - 11:06pm
cassandra-m - congrats to Bianca & Matt. and WOW Jaz...absolutely gorgeous! very powerful/emotional images. watching the slideshow made me smile so big. :D   09.14.10 - 10:59pm
Corinna See - Wow, just wow. Jasmine, I watched you on Creative Live and have been happy for you and your sister ever since. These shots are amazing thanks for sharing!  09.14.10 - 10:53pm
Katy - You and your family are stunning. Your sisters wedding brought me to tears! I have always loved your work, but you can truly see how much love there is amongst all of you. You truly are a Star.   09.14.10 - 10:13pm
Nathan McNabb - When I started scrolling through, I just thought "wow"...! What a gorgeous wedding... The amount of originality was so refreshing :)  09.14.10 - 10:01pm
Juli L. - These are just beautiful! Love them! :) Great job! :)  09.14.10 - 9:17pm
Melissa Cramer - Stunning wedding, made easy with an equally stunning bride and groom. It's interesting and I guess, it feels odd... that between creativeLIVE and now your sister's wedding, in a very short period of time I feel like I know you as a person. I've just never spoken to you before, lol. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. :)  09.14.10 - 9:13pm
Jen - Congrats Matt and Bianca!!!!! I have to say that the joy and laughter was so evident I felt like I was there! I caught myself smiling and almost laughing myself! Great job Jasmine, your sis is a blessed woman :)  09.14.10 - 9:06pm
Steve Chastain - Just beautiful friend. Brought a tear to my eye...LOL..and I don't eve know these folks.  09.14.10 - 8:42pm
emily ebeling - wow. great slideshow- you definitely outdid your self for your sister- it was all so beautiful! the succulents were fun! lol!  09.14.10 - 8:21pm
Josephine - i viewed these images first from my mobile browser...and my jaw just went all dropped. i can feel every emotion going on . so i hurried home to be able to comment from my desktop. hehe All praises! All Inspiring! =)  09.14.10 - 8:19pm
Shannon Wimberly - Jasmine, I saw you on Chase Jarvis site... and now I am viewing your images!!!! You are amazing! I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! WOW!!!!  09.14.10 - 8:16pm
Sarah - breathtaking. That's all. I'm so glad you shared these photos, and your story. Because it was a lovely little moment of love in my otherwise everyday day. Thank you. !!!  09.14.10 - 8:10pm
traci - everything with this wedding is amazing! her dress, her flowers, the PEWS!! wow!!!  09.14.10 - 7:48pm
Jill Heupel - Whoa! Those are hens and chicks! Brilliant!  09.14.10 - 7:30pm
Regina White - WOW...Just plain out georgeous. Love it all and love that you all captured these images.   09.14.10 - 7:10pm
Amber - Wow, your sister's wedding look fabulous! You are stellar and so creative!  09.14.10 - 7:08pm
Angela Higgins - Incredible! There is something extra special about these images - I don't know how you did it. I would have been tearing up all day. Bianca and Matt are an incredibly gorgeous couple and I wish them all the best for their future. Gorge!  09.14.10 - 6:56pm
Jennifer in Sc - speechless, they are so fabulous! Bianca is GORGEOUSLY gorgeously beautiful!! Just like you! Amazing!!! I am so glad you got to photograph the wedding and be in it. Congratulations to your sister and her new husband and to your family. I love see photos of your father and mother too!! :-)  09.14.10 - 6:47pm
Brandi W - Wow! I agree with all the love everyone else has already left x10!! I'm so glad you decided to help document her day :) I totally have felt that, "Oh, I can't stand not taking pictures." feeling!! I do it almost every where I go! I'm always always upset with myself when I make the choice to leave my SLR camera behind for whatever reason. Plus I don't like depending on others to give me copies of the photos they take haha   09.14.10 - 6:37pm
Ashley - Gorgeous!!! I feel a bit old fashioned and a bit too white to say this, but, you go girl.   09.14.10 - 6:29pm
Julie K. - Oh my gosh! I've followed your work for a long time but I'm dying. I went to H.S. with Matt! Gorgeous wedding. I'm consistently amazed by your work.   09.14.10 - 6:27pm
Rebecca - How wonderful that you got to capture your sister's special day! What an honor that must have been. You, and everyone else, did a fabulous job. As the great Jasmine Star would say (oh wait, that's you!), "Gorg!"  09.14.10 - 6:20pm
oksana j - oh wowowowow...just beautiful all around!  09.14.10 - 6:09pm
Julie Eisenhower - I am absolutely in love with your sister's wedding! And you captured it perfectly. She's so lucky that you agreed to shoot it - and so are we. I'm pretty sure I'll be looking back to this post for inspiration again and again. And if your sister is reading these posts too - rock on lady! Way to put together an amazing day!! You're truly stunning!  09.14.10 - 6:03pm
Jessica - This is the first wedding that I have seen that has made me wish I could relive the day again. It wasn't because of the lovely details or gorgeous gown but because total look of joy on everyone faces. If there was a way to bottle that feeling I would in a half second. Congrats to your sister and new brother-in-law!  09.14.10 - 5:55pm
Pamela Topping - Ah-mazing!! From the shoes to the details! Love, love, love your sister's wedding! And the picture of Ryen is so cute!  09.14.10 - 5:50pm
Ariana - This wedding was amazing. All the details just WOW!! I love the first look. Bianca's expression say's it all... GREAT JOB...  09.14.10 - 5:48pm
Aly - this one gave me CHILLS! love everything about it. and the idea of succulents covering everything is my fav detail ever!   09.14.10 - 5:46pm
Carley - This post has given me goosebumps. My sister is my best friend and the day she marries will be one of the most emotional times I will ever go through. Also trying to be bridesmaid and photographer will be hard but you have given me faith it can be done :D  09.14.10 - 5:33pm
Allison - Jasmine first of all I cannot believe how much you and your Sister look alike. These pictures are Fab in every way. Love em....   09.14.10 - 5:22pm
Cathy L. - beautiful.beatiful.BEAUTIFUL!! you, JD, and Stephanie have captured all the right moments. just breathtaking! some of the images got me teared up! CONGRATULATIONS to your fabulously dramatic Bianca + Matt! ;)  09.14.10 - 5:12pm
Marryam - wow...SO beautiful!!!!!  09.14.10 - 4:48pm
Rammal - I love how humble and modest you are! :) You remember all the people who have worked with you and credit them over and over that too on your blog. A huge thing that is. Rockette, J*! :) *hugs*  09.14.10 - 4:31pm
Caitlin - Not only does Bianca look fabulous. And not only did JD, Stephanie and yourself capture the wedding perfectly. But you looked radiant. The pictures are incredible - just gorgeous!  09.14.10 - 4:21pm
Kristin Nicole - Gasp...I love it. I am so glad you decided to shoot this, it would not have been the same without you. It convinces me that I want to hit it out of the park for my own sisters weddings...and they are only 15 and 16 so I have some time to refine my skills...girl you are amazing...your sister is blessed to have you.  09.14.10 - 4:09pm
Elizabeth - beautiful Jasmine....breath taking beautiful!!!  09.14.10 - 3:58pm
Aimee - I love how much your sister laughs throughout the photos! The make the whole series look so vibrant and joyful!  09.14.10 - 3:50pm
Hot Pink Brides - LOVE LOVE LOVE it J* wow I love all the details and you captured them perfectly!  09.14.10 - 3:42pm
Hannie - I look at your blog every single day and in anticipation I have been waiting for these photos and I had to comment - just blew me away!  09.14.10 - 3:27pm
Teresa Hill - What a beautiful documentation of your sister's day. I love the shot of your father...his smile is so bright and beautiful, as is yours and your sisters!  09.14.10 - 2:58pm
BiancaFiji - These pictures are incredible. Your angle of their first dance made me GASP!! out loud (ok maybe it is a bianca thing to be dramaticus:) Ahh its that pure bliss expression that every photographer could hope to catch of their bride. Big Congrats from Fiji X  09.14.10 - 2:57pm
Alex - WOW! These are incredible, she's so lucky to have such a talented photographer as her sister!! Love it, Jasmine!!  09.14.10 - 2:57pm
Esther Chan - The look on your sisters face at the 1st look!! I got teary here at work. Love the succulents - so unexpected but beautiful. You were truly inspired for this wedding and your work here inspires me to press on : )   09.14.10 - 2:55pm
Alicia Damron - I am breathless! I don't why but I'm tearing up from looking at these. Maybe because I always wanted a twin sister, maybe because those florals are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. (I've never seen hens and chicks used in such a creative matter. I've only seen them in my mom's terra-cotta planter with holes in the sides), maybe because her dress and shoes are out of this world, but I think it's gotta be because I can feel the emotion from the day coming out of my computer screen...who knew that could happen? Beautiful, beautiful work by all three of you!  09.14.10 - 2:54pm
pam mals - okay...but not photos of Y O U. so beautiful!  09.14.10 - 2:48pm
Stephanie Stewart - Ohhhhh Myyyyyy Gooooooodness! I knew I was excited to see your sister's wedding, but it's even more beautiful! This has to be my favorite wedding of yours of all time, maybe it's because you were destined to photograph it, and it shows. And all those amazingly gorgeous details, the flowers, the dress, the vintage goodness! Congrats to Bianca + Matt! You two are so crazy cute together!   09.14.10 - 2:22pm
Helen Walsh - I love the story and how you have portrayed it. I feel all gushy after reading it! Well done on playing the perfect role for your sister.  09.14.10 - 2:22pm
Weston Cantrell - I love this! Gorgeous wedding and STELLAR photos!  09.14.10 - 2:18pm
George - Not much left to say!!! .... :)  09.14.10 - 2:12pm
Krystal - Wow! There are no words! Those first look pictures and that first kiss picture........ your sister is lucky to have those moments captured just as they are. I loved this wedding! But with her sister in know it was no wonder. I'm sure it was a happy, happy day for your whole family.  09.14.10 - 2:11pm
Ginger Murray - Love every detail of this wedding. Great job, Jas and Stephanie. ... and congrats to Bianca and Matt!!!  09.14.10 - 2:10pm
Marilyn Oliveira - Absolutely breathtaking in every single way!   09.14.10 - 2:08pm
Candee - I've been waiting for this post! Love, love everything about it!  09.14.10 - 2:08pm
Kathleen Roper - I love, love the succulents for all parts-bouquet, table and grooms "flowers". How original and earthy.  09.14.10 - 2:08pm
alece - nothing has made me wish for the chance to get married again more than this...  09.14.10 - 2:07pm
Chris Robertson - Beautiful wedding! Lot's of cute ideas. Sure to make it to at least a few wedding blogs!  09.14.10 - 1:51pm
Amanda Joy - I am OBSESSED with the decor... love.. loVE.. LOVE~!  09.14.10 - 1:50pm
Lupe Ruiz - Thank you for sharing this special day with us. I LOVE the photo you took of them dancing. The emotion on her face is priceless. I'm a huge fan of your work and you are such an inspiration!  09.14.10 - 1:47pm
a little bit of whimsy photography - No air left in my lungs = BREATHTAKING!  09.14.10 - 1:39pm
kristan - BEAUTIFUL! Everything is beautiful, your images, the wedding and the love of life and family shows through. It looks like you found the balance between being in the wedding and shooting the wedding. Sisters are special. I'm lucky, I have three. "I smile because you are my sister. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it." (our family sister motto)  09.14.10 - 1:37pm
tracy - I had to comment from something i read in your post: Solvang Bakery! OMG, I am part danish and haven't been there in probably 30 years. When I read those words BAM! it brought me back to the smell, the yummy, the heritage of my family. So happy you were both a bridesmaid and a photog for your sister.   09.14.10 - 1:34pm
Cindy - LOVE these. So beautiful.   09.14.10 - 1:24pm
Lara Rios - Agh... I just can't get enough. I came back because these are so beautiful. Jasmine you inspire me big time! :)  09.14.10 - 1:13pm
IPBrian - Fantastic as always! And what a fantastically branded wedding!   09.14.10 - 1:13pm
Kathleen - Beautiful pictures! And what a gorgeous couple. May you all be blessed.  09.14.10 - 1:13pm
Ole Vangsgaard - What a masterpiece - I'm sure this wedding will be one of those going into a nice big L.C. display album. Your work just continue to amaze me.  09.14.10 - 1:11pm
Tara - Aw I just love this!! You are an amazing photographer!! Have a blessed day!  09.14.10 - 1:11pm
Karen Stott - Wow. Wow. Wow. Bianca was absolutely stunning and you and Stephanie captured them both beyond my imagination. Plus the details and church pews are to die for. Seriously amazing!  09.14.10 - 1:08pm
Erica Velasco - love her theme!  09.14.10 - 1:00pm
Barbara Z. - These photos are absolutely stunning!! I love the details and how elegant all the photos are. =)  09.14.10 - 12:55pm
Jen S - LOVE! Absolutely beautiful. :)  09.14.10 - 12:52pm
Susan Keller - Jasmine - these images just make my heart happy. Bianca is resplendently, glowingly gorgeous and so obviously spilling over with JOY. The details are all amazing, but Matt & Bianca's happiness is truly center stage!  09.14.10 - 12:43pm
Tira J - Such a beautiful story with the best ending ever! Bianca and Matt....wowzers! You both look amazing and I am so incredibly happy for you. God did GOOD! And Jaz, I am so glad you did photograph portions of your twins special day. I don't think she or the rest of your family would have had it any other way. Each and ever image is so precious! So much love!!!!   09.14.10 - 12:40pm
Drea Wood - Wow I would of never thought to use succulents! What a neat idea! Succulents are the only plants I seem to be able to keep alive in my home ;-) <3 all of them   09.14.10 - 12:32pm
Elissa - Gorgeous! Sunstone is my favorite winery evah!!!  09.14.10 - 12:30pm
Erin Michelle - Absolutely the BEST photos I have ever seen on your blog. Stunning, silly, special and PERFECT!  09.14.10 - 12:22pm
Bianca & Matt - Oh me, oh my! Jazzy, you're the best sister in the WHOLE world. The wedding wouldn't have been what it was without you. Matt and I both watched the slideshow TWICE. I love you so much it hurts. Can't wait to hug you and catch up on married life! ;)  09.14.10 - 12:16pm
Noa - Absolutely stunning....... You definitely did your sister justice here, Jasmine! Wow, what an amazing wedding.... Congratulations Bianca!  09.14.10 - 12:15pm
Nate Perkes - Jasmine! These are beautiful. You guys continue to amaze me. Fun, fresh and fab...perfectly. You captured the LIFE of your sisters wedding. guys are awesome.   09.14.10 - 12:12pm
lori - awesome - how exciting for your family. beautiful, beautiful!  09.14.10 - 12:09pm
Chantel - Wow, so so beautiful! It really does look like a magical day.  09.14.10 - 12:08pm
brandi - AMAZING! Every detail came out lovely. Doesn't Jeni from Found rock? And wow! Bianca's flowers were so beyooooond!!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!  09.14.10 - 12:08pm
E Schumann Foto - Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine! I am completely blown away. You did a fabulous job at your sister's wedding. The details of her wedding were absolutely gorgeous, I love decor, etc. You guys captured all of it perfectly. Your sister is very lucky to have an amazingly talented sister like you! I wish Bianca and her hubby only the best, as they make gorgeous couple :)  09.14.10 - 11:58am
Ivona - It is extremely ridiculous that I cry every time I read your blog posts! Congrats to your sister and new BIL! =D  09.14.10 - 11:58am
Anne M. - This wedding is GORGEOUS. I all the details. It's so cool I am envious. :) And, I would have died with those vintage church pews as well. GREAT job showing all the beautiful details and their beautiful love!  09.14.10 - 11:56am
felicia Gwen - I have been dying to see these! So wonderful! Just simply gorgeous!   09.14.10 - 11:55am
Liz Maryann - oh my goodness!! So beautiful! I think this is one of my favorite weddings that you shot...and I swear I'm not being biased because it's your sister's wedding :) It was great meeting you yesterday J*!! I'll let you know when that question gets popped LOL  09.14.10 - 11:50am
Jessica Chavez - WOW!! I'm speechless! I cried from beginning to end! And the slideshow.. OH! A.MA.ZING! Thanx for a beautiful post and making us feel part of your family happiness =D xoxo!  09.14.10 - 11:49am
Lydia - One of the most beautiful weddings ever! From the colors to the details to the location, I am in awe! Bianca and Matt are so radiantly happy together--I hope someday to have even a smidgen of that same happiness!  09.14.10 - 11:46am
Silvana - What can I say you always make me cry ( in a happy way). Bianca's wedding is one of most beautiful I ever seen. I always wanted to see your dad (because all of the nice quotes from here LOL). Beautiful family, amazing wedding. Love it.  09.14.10 - 11:42am
angel - Oh. My. Holy. Goodness!!!! That's all.  09.14.10 - 11:41am
Kim Graham - The photography is outstanding, OF COURSE! Everyone, everything was SO beautiful! The details, the mix of colors, textures and themes, well, it all just works like nothing I've ever seen. It is nostalgic, rich in theme, and desert without being dry. I can't count the many ways I love this wedding!  09.14.10 - 11:39am
jess robertson - you're not biased! this has got to be one of the most beautiful weddings i have ever seen! and your words just brought it to life and made me feel like i was there and have known your sister for years :) the details just had me in awe. beautiful job, Jasmine! i have been hesitant, but i may have to photograph my sister's wedding afterall!  09.14.10 - 11:38am
Romonia I. - Oh Jasmine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bianca your wedding was phenomenal and you were downright gorgeous! Those Louboutin's are very sexy, classy and fabulous! I need a friend like Jacky too! What a beautiful wedding; from start to finish. The bride and groom look amazing; the details are out of this world awesome, creative and unique and Jasmine I am in LOVE with that ring shot. Very creative using their brand to help capture that shot. Love the shot of your dad with the rings! Priceless and great capture JD. Great captures by Stephanie as well. Congrats and you were a beautiful maid of honor photographer. :) I have to say this is one of the best ceremonies you have posted and I am not being biased either. Even though you are not Italian--belissimo J*!!!!  09.14.10 - 11:37am
Jared Tseng - Jasmine, EVERYTHING about this wedding looks so perfect! Congrats to your family for such a special event!  09.14.10 - 11:36am
Amanda - OH I LOVE! The details. The succulents. The dress. The shoes. And of course your "team's" photos. Amazing :) She's so lucky to have you as a sister... and visa versa I'm sure ;)  09.14.10 - 11:36am
malika marie - I hear you two sisters laughing, which what makes these pictures so precious :)  09.14.10 - 11:34am
MariaT - that looks like one of the most beautiful weddings ever! congrats to your sis!  09.14.10 - 11:31am
Kirsten - The details. Dear Lord, the details.  09.14.10 - 11:28am
Jenn K - Absolutely beautiful! Great photos Jasmine! And the MOH to boot... Talk about a multi-tasker! One of my favs!  09.14.10 - 11:26am
joan.solitario - What an amazing wedding!!! Really really really really beautiful!  09.14.10 - 11:26am
Adrienne McNellis - These are absolutely breath-taking. Gorgeous.  09.14.10 - 11:23am
Brianna - They are amazing. Seriously, I feel like I appreciate all the details of the day so much more seeing them in the pictures! And, did I miss the super cute lemonade and ice tea stand??! Bummed about that. Also, I just want to admit to you both that I almost screwed up royally with the whole french pronounciation of "denoument" in my reading. Luckily we have the walking dictionary as a best friend so I didn't ruin the whole thing!! B, you are such a beautiful bride...hurry back so I can hug you!!  09.14.10 - 11:21am
Christina Dely - You are so lucky to have each other! Beautiful wedding, beautiful photos, beautiful words. I am sure Bianca is overjoyed with the result :)  09.14.10 - 11:21am
Natalie Menteer - I LOVE her theme and the pews amazing! Love the desert bar idea! What a beautiful wedding! Bianca is just beautiful! You JD and Stephanie did an amazing job capturing the pictures!   09.14.10 - 11:18am
Shelby Hurst - What a special and beautiful family. Thanks for letting us all in on such a personal level. Amazing photos, as always!  09.14.10 - 11:15am
Lia S. Rogers - BEAUTIFUL wedding and images! Not sure what it is (i'd blame it partially on pregnancy hormones) but these images made me cry. Thanks for sharing and congrats to your sis!  09.14.10 - 11:10am
valerie - AMAZING. Seriously, I am speechless!!!  09.14.10 - 11:03am
rachel d - Congratulations to both families! Such a dream-come-true wedding! All the details looked amazing/beautiful/spectacular!!! So, totally random but, it'd be even awesome if you and your sis had little buns in the oven at the same time ;-)   09.14.10 - 11:03am
Sara Lando - the styling of this wedding is so gorgeous it makes me want to get married again just to copy bits and pieces. Then I remembered I'm definitely no Bianca, so I decided I'm just happy with watching her pictures :)  09.14.10 - 11:01am
Véronique El Youssfi - Wonderful !! as always....  09.14.10 - 11:00am
Jen - i LOVe, love, lOvE absolutely ALL the pictures!! the story you tell is outstanding and it is all the picture of bliss! my favs are the first look pics--best ones EVER. ever!! ;)  09.14.10 - 10:59am
Josh Haygood - Are you and your sister like identical twins. that is an incredible resemblance!  09.14.10 - 10:57am
Dawney - What an amazing day! It is obvious how much you and your sister love each other. And, after all, who's a gal w/o her sister?? Congrats to your family!  09.14.10 - 10:56am
Lesley - Congratulations Bianca + Matt! They look so radiant - what a beautiful day. Gaaah, love the shoes and the ring. I find it amazing that you were able to photograph the wedding so beautifully AND look so relaxed as the MOH! Congrats to your family! :)  09.14.10 - 10:55am
anda - OUT OF THIS WORLD!! The details are seriously to die for! I looked and looked and looked at them. And then again. Bianca and Matt look sooo happy. You, Stephanie and JD captured everything amazingly! The first First Look photo brought tears to my eyes. Awesome awesome!! Congrats to Bianca and Matt!  09.14.10 - 10:55am
Tony Gonzalez - It's funny cause i never thought i would be able to distinguish the difference, but i was able to see the difference in styles of photography between you and Jd and your other photography assistance. But besides that fact lol, the wedding looked beautiful and i wish i could of been there to see it first hand. Many blessings to Mr. and Mrs. Olthoff. Your craft is pure genious Jasmine.   09.14.10 - 10:54am
Marie - Can I be BFFs with Bianca too?? And your Dad....I just wanna hug him!! Bianca looks amazingly beautiful and so, so, so happy! Cheers to their denouement!  09.14.10 - 10:54am
Sharon Snow - Stunning. Everything and everyone is absolutely stunning and I'm...simply speechless.  09.14.10 - 10:54am
Sonya Palmer - Ok, SERIOUSLY. As a photographer, and an older sister... I'm so happy you were able to experience this.   09.14.10 - 10:51am
Darci - I remember you saying that you were nervous to do this but the pictures don't show your nervousness at all!! They are beautiful. The day, the wedding, everything looks beautiful. Congrats to Bianca and Matt!!  09.14.10 - 10:50am
jaqueline faria - WOW! What an absolutely beautiful wedding your words combined with pictures almost made me cry ... during class where I should be paying attention not redding blogs... LOL. But I can't miss a beat of your work its so fabulous   09.14.10 - 10:50am
terri z - what a special and BEAUTIFUL day !!!!!  09.14.10 - 10:47am
trudy - I am so happy for Bianca and Matt, and I only know them through you and your blog! The 'bountiful harvest' turned out so beautiful! I loved every detial and those church pews are a perfect fit for them.  09.14.10 - 10:47am
Mindy A - Okay, Bianca in that first First Look photo... Oh my gawsh!!! Just lovely!   09.14.10 - 10:46am
nathalie - BEAUTIFULL!! the bride, the groom, the weddinggown, ... and ofcourse the pictures!! moments to cherish forever!!! Congratulations to the love-birds all away from Belgium! xxx  09.14.10 - 10:44am
Karen - All the details are amazing! Love those church pews! Bianca looks gorgeous!  09.14.10 - 10:44am
Lindsay Kay - Wow. Wow. What a beautiful day and SO beautifully captured! I'm a big fan of Bianca's style. Great job, as always, Jasmine!  09.14.10 - 10:43am
Dawn Regan - Still wiping tears from my eyes. I've been dying to see these photos, and they are amazing, just as I knew they would be. Bianca was such a gorgeous bride, and the day was just beautiful. Thank you for sharing! Congrats, Matt & Bianca!  09.14.10 - 10:40am
Rebecca Cintron - OMG from the time you posted that she got engaged I been waiting for the wedding pictures! I love them! Congrats and great job!  09.14.10 - 10:39am
LEOLAK - Hands down...this is your BEST by far! Beautiful Bride, and Handsome Groom...goregous images to capture such a great moment for you and your entire family! I got teary-eyed quite a few times through this entire post! Great great work!   09.14.10 - 10:38am
Michelle Sidles - Well, I can honestly tell you I've never got all misty eyed reading your blog (featuring a wedding). You are amazing and they are beautiful but this is the first wedding where I feel as if I KNOW the bride (even if only through her blog!). ;) This is stunning. Since I couldn't be there to cheer in person I'm so grateful that you captured the day and shared it with us. Everything... every single detail of this wedding was perfection. You captured their love and joy perfectly! :D   09.14.10 - 10:36am
Studio Hera Bell - Both of you (sisters) look so much alike. Bianca's hubby is a very good looking man. I am so happy for them. I love the organic feel of the wedding. Those boutonieres (cactus???) look amazing. Congradulations to the entire family.  09.14.10 - 10:35am
Gabby - these are the most beatiful wedding photos i seen you capture...congrats!   09.14.10 - 10:35am
Ariana W. - How absolutely gorgeous are these pics?! You are so incredible! I was Matron of Honor for my best friend last year and no way could I have pulled this off! You're amazing, as always!  09.14.10 - 10:35am
Brittany N - Beautiful as always. I was one of the lucky ones that got to go to WPPI yesterday. You are an inspiration  09.14.10 - 10:34am
Michelle Guzman - This is one of my all time favorite posts. I love that you were in the wedding and also the photographer. What a beautiful family you have. The smiles and laughter captured here are priceless. God bless you and your family.   09.14.10 - 10:33am
Amber - Love the story, love the images and I love her dress. My wedding dress was Pronovias too :) !!!  09.14.10 - 10:32am
Valerie Metrejean - Oh my gracious!! This is my dress! I am loving the succulents mixed with dark dahlias. So special to shoot your sister's wedding!   09.14.10 - 10:29am
Eileen - Stuunnniing!!! Wow... MAGICAL it was! Congratulations to you, them and your whole family! God has done great things for you guys and for that I rejoice! To God be the glory! :)  09.14.10 - 10:28am
Steffanie - Oh Jasmine!!! I seriously look at your site on a daily basis and sometimes more than once a day. I can honestly say that I LOVE all the weddings you do but not one has made me cry, until today when I saw your sister's wedding. The slideshow just shows how incredibly happy she was and it gave me chills. I mean I LITERALLY teared up! They are going to be so happy together I can just see it from your photographs. You and Bianca are both beautiful people on the inside in out. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for ALWAYS inspiring me!!! :)  09.14.10 - 10:27am
Paulette - Truly, truly, one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen. Truly.  09.14.10 - 10:20am
Cheryl Cronin - It is absolutely CRAZY how incredible you are!!!!! I love love love love love everything about this post. It's just PURE LOVE all around :)  09.14.10 - 10:20am
Deborah Zoe - These are absolutely stunning Jasmine! What a beautiful day!  09.14.10 - 10:20am
Amandalynn - So gorgeous! Bianca is a lucky lady, these photos are so fantastic. It looks like it was a truly magical day, and the venue was to die for! I think the first look photos are just so, SO gorgeous, the look on her face when she's seeing him see her is beautiful, heart-melting, and truly real - you can tell that she feels so pretty & in love right at that moment. Perfect!  09.14.10 - 10:20am
Paige Butcher - Oh, Jasmine. This post made me cry. The photos are so, so incredibly stunning, and Bianca's wedding was GORGEOUS! One of my favorite weddings that I've seen on this blog. I heard you speak at WPPI roadshow yesterday, but I didn't get the chance to come say hello. You did an amazing job, as always. Thanks so much for what you do.  09.14.10 - 10:17am
Christina LeMarr - AAAAAMAZING!!  09.14.10 - 10:17am
Shannon Gray - What an amazing wedding! All the details were so beautiful and the pics turned out wonderfully!! Love seeing the smiles and laughs! Congrats to your sister!!  09.14.10 - 10:16am
Laurie Bracewell - I am IN.LOVE. with this wedding! Bianca made a BEAUTIFUL bride. I'm so happy for her and Matt, you, and your family!  09.14.10 - 10:15am
Melissa - Congratulations on capturing the day beautifully! You've expressed on numerous posts on how you were scared to be the matron of honor and photographer at the same time. Jasmine, you and your team did a wonderful job! Your sister must be thrilled and also proud to have you as a sister.   09.14.10 - 10:14am
Tina - Just "Simply Elegant" LOVE, LOVE , LOVE the blog on your sister. All the pictures just captured everything about your sister & matt. Thanks for sharing their special day with us.. Everything was just perfect, Sending lots of wishes and lots of happiness for them in their future. the vintage look was truely a nice touch for the wedding I like it..- Good job Jasine, JD & Stephanie.. "KIR" Sincerely, your friend in Thomasville, Georgia ~ Cheers, Tina   09.14.10 - 10:13am
Brandi Lee - The last photo is one of my favorites! The look of complete love and contentment on your sisters face...just dreamy!  09.14.10 - 10:13am
Katelyn James - OH I am in love with your family! .... I've never met them... but I can tell you have a family that loves so deeply and freely. I can't wait squeal and dance with my mom and sister when I put on my dress! I'm getting so excited!!!  09.14.10 - 10:13am
Carolina - What a beautiful wedding!! and you captured beautifully, EVERYTHING!! I got teary eyed when I saw their first dance photo.   09.14.10 - 10:11am
Peter - Love is in the air - I feel like dreaming when I see these incredible images, the moments are captured just at the right time and all the details made it so very special. congrats to Bianca and Matt.  09.14.10 - 10:10am
Cathy Crawley - OMG these details are KILLING me! How gorgeous, you should be so proud :) But, it is a little weird seeing someone who looks just like you hugging a man who is not JD! :) Congratulations to your beautiful twin Bianca and her new hubby Matt xxx  09.14.10 - 10:10am
Jenny - Amazing!  09.14.10 - 10:10am
Katie - GORGEOUS! She's so lucky to have you as her photographer AND sister!  09.14.10 - 10:10am
Rick Fernandez - God had His hand on the whole thing. Phenomenal.   09.14.10 - 10:09am
Gail - So so fabulous. And so so fun to see you both in front of and behind the camera on your sister's big day. Has Bianca stopped asking now? :) PS - Adore the succulent details!   09.14.10 - 10:09am
Kacie - Absolutely gorgeous Jasmine! Both you are your sister have the biggest smiles that could brighten up any day! I'm shooting a wedding at Sunstone in 2 weeks and I'm even more excited now after seeing these!  09.14.10 - 10:09am
Krissy - love. love. love.   09.14.10 - 10:09am
Kayla - I'll be Bianca level dramatic and say that I seriously died during every picture...and then came back for the next one. Oh my gosh. I feel like I was there. I am SO THRILLED to be able to see these. Thank you guys for allowing a peek into your lives and your special days. I love you!  09.14.10 - 10:09am
Lisa Devlin - Simply stunning, makes me wish I had a sister. Favourite shot is where she is running, truly radiant.  09.14.10 - 10:08am
Jenn Lebron - AHH!! Bianca looks gorgeous!!!! :) :) Love it!!!  09.14.10 - 10:08am
Priscilla - amazingg  09.14.10 - 10:07am
Lynn Childs - Perfection!  09.14.10 - 10:06am
Heather Maynard - Beautiful photos! I always feel like taking photos for those you love is so hard. It either goes wonderfully because you know the person so well and you can capture all the important details, or it goes horribly because you know the person so well there's no way you can capture all of the important details. In this case, it's definitely the former. Your sister is a lucky gal.   09.14.10 - 10:06am
Annie - that last shot ... the look on BB's face ... it sums it all up. HOME. thank you, Jasmine, for sharing these amazing shots and allowing us to be a part of this wonderful day!! you go, Auntie J*! :0)  09.14.10 - 10:06am
Diandra - Okay I'm crying. THANK YOU for posting this! Such a beautiful day for such a wonderful couple. I'm so glad it turned out so well... they deserve the best. And is that Melanie singing in the background for their first dance?? Sooo cool! I'm so glad you decided to shoot it. You really are the one that could capture this the very best. I cant wait to see the rest!  09.14.10 - 10:05am
Lara Rios - OMG! Are you serious? This is GO-GO-GORGEOUS! Your sister is SPECTACULAR and the place, the flowers, the dress... perfection! Thanks for sharing Jasmine*  09.14.10 - 10:04am
Kelli - Congrats Bianca & Matt! The photos are beautiful as usual Jasmine, and you're right - those details are off the hook! AMAZING!  09.14.10 - 10:03am
Megan Meyer - LOVE all the details Bianca pulled together - how awesemoe! J* you just convinced me I MUST shoot at my BFF's wedding, no just being a bridesmaid! :) Thanks for all you do!  09.14.10 - 10:03am
Abby Evans - I have followed your website for a long long time now, but this will be my first comment. As a sister and a photographer this post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your family and her wedding with us. What a breathtaking day all around!  09.14.10 - 10:03am
Deyla Huss Photography - As Christopher Walken would say " Wowie Wow wow wow! Im in heaven with all their details and how deliciously captured it was. Beautiful job you guys!  09.14.10 - 10:02am
Iris - WOW WOW WOW....amazing pictures as always Jasmine! Bianca looks stunning and so do you. Love them love them all. Hugs from Iceland  09.14.10 - 10:02am
gladys jem - wow...i don't even really have the words because these are just that beautiful. and you can just feel the love you have for your sister just by looking at these images. amazing jasmine!!! congratulations matt and bianca!!!  09.14.10 - 10:02am
Rosie - Speechless... one more time :)  09.14.10 - 10:02am
Lupita Ramirez - Lovely wedding Jasmine. You remind me of mine. My dad was a photographer and I told him he was not even allowed to bring his camera to my wedding. He didn't listen!  09.14.10 - 10:01am
kimbrali - typically the word succulent creeps me out but they might have changed my mind :) such a gorgeous beautiful perfect wedding. boutonnieres sure have come a long way! loved those especially. and i wish your sister so so much happiness in her marriage. it shows good things come to those who wait.  09.14.10 - 10:01am
Kristin Merten - Absolute Perfection doesn't even sum it up. So gorgeous and amazing... congratulations to you all!!  09.14.10 - 10:01am
Lee Ann - I love it all! What a fabulous day, and what a great sister you are!! She is pretty lucky.  09.14.10 - 10:01am
Leann Neal - Amazing.   09.14.10 - 10:00am
Kristin - absolutely beautiful! I felt like I was there at the wedding with you all!! The bond you and your sister share is so precious! I hope one day to be able to document my sisters wedding just as amazing as you did! Thanks for sharing!   09.14.10 - 9:58am
Patience Z - What an absolutely PERFECT wedding day! The pictures truly tell the story! Great job. And beautiful bride!  09.14.10 - 9:57am
melissa stava - oh jasmine, it looks beautiful! hope you had a blast, which it seems like you did :) im so glad you decided to shoot her wedding...  09.14.10 - 9:56am
Jihan Cerda Photography - OMG!!!! Sooo beautiful!! And so perfectly put together. Love it. Congrats B!! (And Matt.) :)  09.14.10 - 9:56am
Stormy - oh. myyyyy. gooodness! so beautiful, really and truly amazing!   09.14.10 - 9:56am
Davidoff - Lovely pictures J. I wish your sister a happy family life! Keep up the good work! P.S.: Loved your online workshop at CreativeLIVE  09.14.10 - 9:55am
Deb Haussermann - Absolutely beautiful!!  09.14.10 - 9:55am
Gina_Shanley - WOW! What a gorgeous...well EVERYTHING...the bride, the setting, the flowers, the jewelry...just stunning!  09.14.10 - 9:54am