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Auntie and Uncle

The past three days have been filled with much emotion and one tiny bundle of joy.

Late yesterday evening, JD and I received the good news that we’re prematurely a new auntie and uncle!!! JD’s sister gave birth to a son and we couldn’t be happier! :)

Little Corey Preston wasn’t expected until late September, but due to some serious health complications, JD’s sister was hospitalized on Wednesday. We’ve been patiently waiting for Corey’s arrival and we finally were allowed into the NICU this morning to see him. Corey will be in the hospital for a while until he can breathe on his own, but by the looks of his personality, we can already tell he’s a fighter!

This is Corey's adorable toes and his daddy's fingers...

Soooo, I know we look totally dorky, but it's our first official picture as auntie and uncle...I had to post it! :)

And here's our lil fighter...

**On a sidenote, I want to thank my clients for their patience and understanding during this time...I promise to catch up on email and responses ASAP!**
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Jeanette - So precious!!! You're going to LOVE being an's one of the GREATEST gifts to have!! Mom & Baby will be in my prayers!!   08.27.07 - 9:25am
Lenelle ( Gabe's Grams) - Congratulations! Love the last one that looks as if the dentist just said "Now, open wide". Will keep baby & mom in my prayers.   08.25.07 - 5:24pm
brooke - CONGRATS! he is adorable...enjoy being an auntie...i am sure that babe is going to be SPOILED!  08.24.07 - 10:00am
millie - Jasmine! He is adorable! I became an aunt just two months ago so I know how proud you must be... Congratulations! I expect to see lots more of him on your blog!   08.23.07 - 8:51pm
Donna - Hope mom is doing well and able to rest while fabulous NICU folks take wonderful care of the little fighter. From personal experience, NICU nurses are amazing!   08.21.07 - 10:25am
Marlene Munoz - What an adorable and precious little gift from God! Congrats to you and your family! Marlin and I will keep you all in our prayers!!   08.20.07 - 7:42pm
carrie@urbanbaby - oh, sweet baby. having mine in the NICU was one of the most difficult things my heart has ever had to i know how hard this is for you all. congratulations auntie...that sweet baby will be home before you all know it ;) -c  08.20.07 - 12:28pm
trista - awwwwww...congrats!!! He'll be out of the hospital before you know it! I'm glad that mommy and baby are doing well :-)  08.20.07 - 10:54am
Brenda - Congrats! It looks like you are enjoying your new roll as Aunt! I'll keep the little one in my prayers.  08.20.07 - 10:19am
Regina - Congrats to the new auntie and uncle...and the new parents. I will keep some prayers going for the little fighter that he contunes to get stronger.   08.20.07 - 9:45am
Crystal Goss - Wow - congratulations, you guys! He is precious. I hope things are continuing to go well. I will keep JD's sister and family in my prayers. They have a long road ahead of them. But while it is challenging, it is also an amazing bonding experience. And it won't be long until the NICU seems like a distant memory. Wonderful images, Jas. They will be so very special to them always. Keep me updated. God bless!  08.20.07 - 9:43am
Nataly - Congrats to you and your family! Being an Auntie rocks!  08.20.07 - 9:14am
Korey - Congratulations!! I am so glad he arrived safely at last. And what a great name! ;)  08.20.07 - 9:04am
Jasmine* - Goodness...thank YOU all for your kind words and support! It means so much to us! And a special thank you to Mallory and Kristine for being awesome're personalities are befitting for such precious children! :)  08.20.07 - 8:38am
Julie Avina - Hey Jas and JD: Congrats on your new little nephew. We'll be praying for him and the family.........It's gonna be so much fun!!!! You got any questions ask us, we're pros on being an anuntie and uncle =)  08.20.07 - 8:13am
kristine (and ron) - PS! i also wanted to share a cute picture we recommend to alot of parents... we always try get a picture of the baby's hand on top of the dad (or mom's) hand, and right next to both wedding bands. or something along those lines...(depends how strict the hospital is with rings though) im sure you have alot of cute picture ideas to play with anyways =) but thats one of favorites to recommend!  08.19.07 - 11:39pm
kristine (and ron) - Hi Jasmine! I felt compelled to leave a comment because i hold all preemies dear to my heart! First of all, congrats to the new blessing to yours and JD's family. Judging by the pictures you took (even just from his feet and his facial expression, hehe) I can assure you he's going to be just fine! Although he's gonna have to overcome some *preemie* obstacles.. please always tell your sister to remain optimistic! You guys are in my prayers!  08.19.07 - 11:23pm
Katy Regnier - Congratulations to the new parents and aunt and uncle! My thoughts are with your family and the baby. Take care and be well!  08.19.07 - 10:34pm
Jasmine C. - Congratulations! God is so good. :)  08.19.07 - 9:47pm
Debbie - Congratulations! Courtney's Angels Pray It Forward Prayer Warriors are praying for Corey and his adoring family!  08.19.07 - 8:50pm
Kevin Swan - Praise God! That's awesome. That first photo is so touching...  08.19.07 - 6:28pm
Lauri - Congratulations to both of you!!! You're going to have the best time being a new auntie and uncle! And he's absolutely adorable :-)  08.19.07 - 6:18pm
Melissa McClure - Oh how precious! I love the "dorky" shots of you two, they are the best!   08.19.07 - 6:03pm
Tanya Perez - Awwww congratulations! Your nephew will be in my prayers.   08.19.07 - 4:21pm
erin - CONGRATULATIONS AUNTIE JASMINE AND UNCLE JD!! He is beyond adorable!   08.19.07 - 3:58pm
Callie Crass - Love the pics! The first one is awesome! And you look fabulous! ;)  08.19.07 - 12:37pm
jen - dorky - no way - you look like the sweetest, happiest auntie and uncle there is! (i'm going to become an auntie for the first time this spring and i can't wait! just wish my sister lived closer!) congrats and i will surely be keeping your family in my prayers! j  08.19.07 - 11:45am
gabriel ryan - and, congrats by the way. carlie and i will be praying for mommy and baby.  08.19.07 - 10:47am
gabriel ryan - carlie and i love the one at the bottom... and check out my blog from this morning. i swear i am not trying to bite your style ;)  08.19.07 - 10:46am
Jamie Delaine - You have never looked dorky! He is SO adorable. Congratulations. I'll be praying for Corey's health!! :)  08.19.07 - 10:13am
Stacy Cross - Congrats Jasmine and JD! Auntiehood is so awesome - my little neph-dude is only 7 months old and he has completely stolen my heart. :)  08.19.07 - 9:49am
Leah G - Congratulations! (I'll be keeping your family in my prayers.)  08.19.07 - 9:14am
Melissa Koehler - Congratulations to you guys and your family! What a wonderful blessing a baby is! We will be praying for Corey and his parents! You both look like such great Auntie and Uncle already, I can tell he will be spoiled :) These are awesome shots! I love the first one!  08.19.07 - 7:30am
Laura Bruen - Congratulations! Baby is beautiful, as is your work.   08.19.07 - 6:03am
david baxter - blessings to the new baby and parents! that first shot is amazing!  08.19.07 - 1:51am
Mallory B - Amazing. My brother was premature....and I am studying to be a NICU nurse. I am sure that he is in excellent care. Congratulations to your family and may God bless and care for your new tiny nephew and his mommy and daddy. Wishing you lots of rest!  08.18.07 - 11:23pm