Nicole and Aaron : Engagement

Oooooooh. The first time they met, she gave him a piece of her mind. And then some more.

Nicole—who’s feisty, yet quite amicable—looked Aaron in the face and let him know that, no, he did not deserve the job promotion and store relocation…she did. Nicole found it appropriate to let this complete stranger know that while it may appear that she was fine with the decision, it wasn’t really okay. Don’t get it twisted.

Apparently, while she was giving him a piece of her mind, she was also relinquishing a part of her heart. And Aaron…well, Aaron now had an earful from a girl he found beautiful and intriguing. A girl who would later become his wife.

A couple years later, they reconnected and fell in love and, while Nicole’s still lively and spirited, Aaron is her calm. Her center. They’re quite different than the pair who met a few years ago over a disputed store relocation and there’s no denying that while Nicole once let him know exactly what was on her mind, they both now share what’s in their hearts.

As they walked Main Street in Disneyland for their engagement session, he guided her through the throngs of people and she walked confidently passed stores filled with candy and souvenirs. They were content staying away from the most congested tourist areas and found nooks and crannies that’d make Mickey and Minnie proud ;)

I’m excited to photograph their wedding this October and I know it’s going to be nothing short of fabulous. Both Nicole and Aaron work for The Wedding Channel, so as we were discussing the details of their day, I became more stoked to document their wedding. We’re going to have a blast and I’m honored to be part of it!

This picture sums up their personalities quite nicely ;)

The Happiest Place on Earth...

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Ryan Greenleaf - Wow! What an awesome place to do an engagement session! Loved the photos and song you used for the slideshow! I'm thinking it's gwen stefani? I'm going to search for it on itunes right now. :)  09.20.07 - 11:49pm
Jeanette - SUPER FUN pictures!! Ü  08.27.07 - 9:23am
brooke - love the shoes! shows so much personality!!  08.24.07 - 10:00am
jen - wow - these two look SO together it's insane! what an awesome couple - you can tell that they are fun and so in love with each other! beautiful shots, as always!  08.23.07 - 6:44pm
Ron Dawson - Jasmine, I love your blog writing. How you tell a story as opposed to just writing what happened. Let me know if you ever want to write for us. :-)  08.22.07 - 9:59pm
tracy kumono - Ooh i love these! Very cute yet sexy!  08.21.07 - 10:26pm
J Sandifer - Terrific Images! You have really captured these two in an intimate and colorful way!  08.21.07 - 4:26pm
Ricki Ford - These rock Jasmine... Love the shoe shot  08.21.07 - 11:19am
lauren c. - love these!! they seem like such a FUN couple!!!   08.21.07 - 9:18am
Katy Regnier - Looks like such a blast! What a fun couple and fun location to shoot at.  08.20.07 - 11:13pm
Jasmine C. - You know what I love about you... other than your fantastic work that continues to amaze me, but that you consistently blog. It's something I look forward to checking each day. You just rock! :)  08.20.07 - 11:03pm
david baxter - oh, we are sooo jealous! we want to do a session at the most magical happiest place on earth!! they are a gorgeous couple. beautiful, beautiful shots jasmine.  08.20.07 - 4:31pm
Rebekah Antoine - Just breathtaking......  08.20.07 - 2:16pm
Tiffany - Simply amazing photos!! Each and every one of them!  08.20.07 - 1:16pm
Maureen - These are so cute!!! What a great couple :-)   08.20.07 - 12:55pm
Jasmine* - Oh, Nicole, I know we didn't finish too many conversations, but we had a great time, right!?! ;) I can't WAIT for the wedding!! Hi Jeannie Cochran...I used only three primes lenses all day for this shoot: 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.4, and the 28mm 1.4. These lenses are amazing and I LOVE them...also add to your wish list the 70-200IS 2.8...with these lenses, you'll be golden! :)  08.20.07 - 12:46pm
Nicole - Jasmine, thank you for such a wonderful engagement session -- we were sooo nervous! We were laughing (and appreciative) about you and your constant creativity. In mid-sentence, you'd be like, "Oooh, here! I like this. Right here!" We loved it -- but I don't think we finished any of the topics we started on... haha! Congrats again, new Auntie! xoxo, Nicole & Aaron  08.20.07 - 11:32am
trista - Love all of them!  08.20.07 - 10:52am
Marlene - I LOVE the color in this shoot! And my favorite is the shoes shot :)  08.20.07 - 10:49am
Christopher Grisanti - Your work never ceases to amaze me.  08.20.07 - 10:38am