Orange County Engagement : Jami + Joel

e'll tell people they met on MySpace and breaking her heart was the best thing. In retrospect. Back then, it felt to Jami like a piece of her heart went missing. They met in middle school, Jami noticing the cute boy in the halls who played baseball. Like most 13 year olds, they kept their heads down and pretended not to care. This was acceptable until four years later their paths aligned. Quite literally. In english class.

Their senior year, Jami noticed Joel seated next to her, which--as she totally admitted--was like winning the chair lottery. They worked on assignments together, laughed, and later signed each others' yearbooks. Then said goodbye. Until their paths aligned. Quite literally. Working together at Abercrombie&Fitch for the summer.

They dated for a bit, but Joel broke things off when he went away to college. He maintains it was the best thing because it allowed them to grow. Up. And into the people they were supposed to become. And who they became was aptly displayed on MySpace, which was how they reconnected. Jami invited Joel to hang out in Huntington Beach and as he walked into Beach Front that fateful night, her smile was more beautiful than he remembered. Those were his words. Exactly.

Their paths will be permanently intersecting next year at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach and I'm beyond thrilled to photograph their wedding. We hung out in Costa Mesa for their engagement session a couple days ago and just when I thought I couldn't like them any more than I did, I do.

Jami was nervous before the engagement session, but I had a hard time believing her...

I knew I like Jami instantly...

...and then I fell head-over-heels for her when I discovered she thinks I'm funny.

Jami, I'm just gonna say what everyone is're going to look ah-maze in your wedding dress. F'real. Special thanks to Lettie Mix for Jami's hair and makeup...

After a quick outfit change, Jami and Joel really warmed up to the camera...

Joel, I think that summer working at A&F taught you some sweet model poses! ;)


For those who'd like to steal Jami's dress (trust me, I already tried), you can find it here

I'll end with this photo because her smile? It's just so full. Of happiness. Love. And contentment.

To see more of Jami and Joel's engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
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Samuel Burns - A friend told me to check your work out so this is my first look, gorgeous, really natural from the light to the posing... awesome stuff.  03.22.11 - 7:04pm
Florida Wedding Videographer - Soo sweet, fun playful. Great job Jasmine!  03.14.11 - 8:17am
Michael Hickey - Love it, love it, LUV IT!!!!!  03.08.11 - 11:27am
Daniel Dunlap - Gorgeous couple Jasmine!  02.25.11 - 2:53pm
Jami Bush - Hey All! Thank you all so much for the amazing comments! Jasmine is just beyond fab and I love her so! I got my dress at Saks Fifth Avenue and it is by Nanette Lepore. It originally came with a belt but I cut it off :) It also comes in black. Happy shopping!   02.15.11 - 2:21pm
Rachael Mates - Ohh I LOVE her white dress! If anyone knows where its from, let me know :)  02.07.11 - 3:51pm
Christina Matthews - Wow. What a stunning couple and story. She's going to look AMAZING on her wedding day for sure.  02.01.11 - 11:29am
Dajuan - J*, you totally kept them engaged and excited. Seeing this make me want you to photograph my wife & I. Seriously!  01.30.11 - 10:41pm
Troy - OMG....!! She is AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!!! Congrats, Joel!! If you work to keep her smiling like that, life will be good for you both!!  01.28.11 - 6:55am
Robin Arnold - Reading your stories always makes me smile out loud. : )  01.16.11 - 6:53am
Digital Photography Fan - These are stunning...Amazing work as always!  01.07.11 - 5:57am
Heather Crosby Gionet - I can feel her joy through that last photo...and his love for her...beautifully captured!   01.05.11 - 6:14am
sayna - what a good looking couple!   01.02.11 - 4:51am
Katya - In love with these photos Jasmine!  12.07.10 - 1:13pm
Jorge - Very beautiful! Greats pics!  12.07.10 - 12:20am
christina - the last engagement photo is my favorite all your engagement photos jasmine star  12.02.10 - 11:32am
Sabina - they make a nice couple  11.29.10 - 1:57pm
Reid - Holy awesomeness jasmine! I love these pictures  11.28.10 - 5:22pm
Nancy - The pics look amazing! What a cute couple. I absolutely LOVE her dress, and want to have it. I contacted the store, but no replies. Any tips?  11.25.10 - 7:11pm
Katy - She is really really REALLY pretty. What a smile...  11.24.10 - 8:18am
Stephanie Pervis - Gorgeous as always Jasmine!  11.24.10 - 7:46am
Sally - O wow, stunning!  11.24.10 - 4:53am
Connie Sithi - I'm obsessed with the last photo! What a great session and gorgeous couple.   11.23.10 - 11:09am
evan - these photos are great, they really capture a lot of personality. really like the magazine style to your site   11.20.10 - 7:13pm
Gus - The smiles, the romance, the way you capture life in both Joel and Jami is something that makes me feel alive as well and hopeful of me one day being as good as you are. GREAT JOB J*  11.20.10 - 6:33pm
Allison - Amazing shots Jasmine!!!! I love the close up at the end. You are so gifted and talented I know you probably hear this alot but you always inpire me to do better!  11.20.10 - 1:57pm
Hannes Uys - She is going to make a beautiful bride.   11.20.10 - 3:24am
Melanie Toutai - She is FABULOUSLY beautiful!  11.19.10 - 10:05pm
Holli True - Gorgeous session! :) I love the image of them standing with the crops behind them! LOVE! Great work- as always!!   11.19.10 - 8:35pm
Alicia B. - Where do your clients change clothes? I notice that sometimes there are outfit changes in your sessions... Just wondering if that's something you suggest and plan for or what.  11.19.10 - 5:16pm
Imthiaz Houseman - I have a hard time also believing she was nervous before your session. Amazing couple and session!  11.19.10 - 2:21pm
Erica Velasco - super cute...great smile  11.19.10 - 12:14pm
Jackie Plaza - Super cute dress! Great job!  11.19.10 - 11:48am
Kortnee Kate and Ted - Sometimes you can look at a couple and see it in there eyes that they have a history together; this couple radiates love and peace!!:)  11.19.10 - 10:29am
My Social Relevance - Great shots as usual.   11.19.10 - 9:19am
Corneli Fleur - Love it! Corneli Fleur   11.19.10 - 8:53am
Joshua Gull - Maybe one of my favorite e-sessions from you Jasmine. The second shot of them sitting in the chairs, and the last shot of them in the first outfit in front of the painted crop field...excellent stuff!   11.19.10 - 7:57am
steph - That last photo is EXACTLY how I'd like EVERY picture of me to feel. Jami has the prettiest nails I've ever seen!   11.19.10 - 7:54am
Candace Prokopets - These are so cute! I think my favorite is probably the first one. I love all their smiles! Can't wait to see their wedding next year!  11.19.10 - 7:38am
Katelyn James ALSOP:) - jas, that last one should be all over their house! what a shot! and if that was shot with the 35....I'm going to be jealous all over again.  11.19.10 - 6:01am
Stephanie Motz Skinner - Beautiful photo shoot and couple. I love how you just knew we'd all be wondering where she got the dress. Haha!   11.19.10 - 1:36am
Lettie Mix - First of all thank you to miss Jami for being so patient with me during hair and makeup, your quite the fabulous and beautiful girl and second of all....... Jasmine, your work is over the top beautiful. Thank you for the credit on your blog. Much appreciated.  11.18.10 - 8:43pm
Gabriela Fuentes - I love her smile on the last photo, but I love the way he looks at her more. They're in LOVE. Beautiful work Jasmine.   11.18.10 - 7:28pm
Marissa Nicole - That is one SEXY lady. Great job J! These are usual!  11.18.10 - 6:12pm
Gabriel G - JASMINE!!!! You are a ridiculous photo monster!!! So amazing.   11.18.10 - 5:59pm
Dee - Wow. Both Jami and Joel are gorgeous! You captured their beauty so perfectly on camera. :)  11.18.10 - 5:35pm
Rob and Jess - Nice shots! Jess and I cannot wait to celebrate with you guys in March! PS - You two are sexy beasts! (Jess totally didn't want me to write that!)  11.18.10 - 5:32pm
Bethany - This feels so different Jasmine! Great! But different xxx  11.18.10 - 5:19pm
Jenna Danelle - I LOVE it!!!! You are such an inspiration for me, thank you for being you! I agree, Jami is going to be the most amazing Bride - I can't wait to see her wedding! :~)  11.18.10 - 4:42pm
jean - Hes a lucky man. She is gorgeous.   11.18.10 - 2:28pm
Marian Majik - Amazing work!  11.18.10 - 2:20pm
Liz Kausteklis - Gorgeous!!   11.18.10 - 1:44pm
Jenna - LOVE this shoot. This couple is gorgeous and you did such an awesome job with everything!  11.18.10 - 1:21pm
Shannon Gray - Love Nanette Lepore! :) Awesome photos! Love the last beautiful!  11.18.10 - 12:25pm
Lisa Cour - A beautiful couple! Amazing work, as always.  11.18.10 - 12:08pm
Brittany Sweat - Her smile is contagious! Beautiful work!!! Which lens did you use here?  11.18.10 - 11:57am
Amy Arrington - Really beautiful shots! And I love her dress so thanks for that info :)   11.18.10 - 11:57am
Marta V - Whoa! Her eyes are Ah-mazing! Together they are gorgeous. You knocked another one out of the park Jasmine. I totally love that silver RV.  11.18.10 - 11:27am
Edouard Montfort - Totally 200% joyful...  11.18.10 - 11:10am
Life with Kaishon - I think she is one of the most beautiful girls I have EVER seen! I can't believe she was nervous. I am wishing them a lifetime of happiness : )  11.18.10 - 11:03am
Lauren B - oh my goodness totally gorgeous.  11.18.10 - 10:50am
amanda thiessen - she's gorgeous! love love love the last shot!  11.18.10 - 10:50am
Raleigh Wedding Photographer - Really love this couple! They're so comfortable in front of the camera. What a blast it will be to photograph their wedding. :)  11.18.10 - 10:43am
Caitlin - Good grief. This couple is ridiculously attractive. She reminds me of Alicia Keys! :)  11.18.10 - 10:17am
StephanieB - She is GORGEOUS - wow!!!! Her wedding pictures are going to be soooo stunning.  11.18.10 - 10:02am
Candee - Wow. Gorgeous!! Just GORGEOUS, Jasmine!  11.18.10 - 9:42am
Ann Orman - Wow...beautiful, beautiful, beautiful x  11.18.10 - 9:40am
Kristen - wow...she's gorgeous and her smile is unbelievable! she definitely is going to look beautiful in her wedding dress! :) great pics as always J*  11.18.10 - 9:22am
elizabeth luna - Keep up the amazing work =) love this session love how you can feel the love they have for each other!   11.18.10 - 9:12am
jeramy - gorgeous. fantastic. :-)  11.18.10 - 8:58am
Courtney - Very beautiful! Love it!  11.18.10 - 8:56am
gladys jem - holy beautiful!!! :)  11.18.10 - 8:50am
karina Crouch - Stunning :D One of my favorite engagement sessions!!  11.18.10 - 8:29am
Dr. Marie S. Bulathsinghala - The picture of them in front of the cooking truck thingy is my favorite. Hands down. Jami is gorgeous! Sorry Abercrombie man, even when she is supposed to be the background support person you can't help but look at her!  11.18.10 - 8:25am
Alexandra Delatorre - She is so beautiful and her make up is perfect... wow. Nice nice job as always.   11.18.10 - 8:25am
Mike Moore - Beautiful colors! Bravo.  11.18.10 - 8:24am
Michael - These two could be JD and JStar's doppelganger. Well, almost. Nice pics btw.   11.18.10 - 8:22am
Jeff True - Love it! Session looked like they had a blast. But I don't think I would look good in that dress. :)  11.18.10 - 8:19am
Kathleen Frank - Gorgeous!!! They are just naturals, and I think I found a new favorite shop! Can't wait for the wedding pics.  11.18.10 - 8:11am
Abigail Cole - Jasmine, your photographs are always beautiful - I draw inspiration from them daily (sometimes several times daily!) in the hope that I can one day make photography my career. These images are amazing...what a gorgeous couple. Jami is totally stunning!!!!!!   11.18.10 - 8:07am
barbara - looking forward to this wedding . . . it will be a knock out for sure!  11.18.10 - 8:05am
LEOLAK - Sorry for the double post...but I just clicked on the slideshow to see a magazine cover with Janet Jackson! If that was your idea..I really love you more now! lol I've been a Janet fan since I was 5!!!  11.18.10 - 8:03am
LEOLAK - WOW!!! And you are right...I was thinking..SHE'S GONNA LOOK GORGEOUS ON HER WEDDING DAY!!! LOL Man she's beautiful...beautiful couple..and GORGEOUS photos Jasmine! Their story kind of goes wtih the saying..the heart wants what it wants. =)  11.18.10 - 7:59am
Chelsea - Love the last image. You captured love and contentment so perfectly. This is a moment they will treasure. The way he's looking at her just kills me!  11.18.10 - 7:58am
Christina Dely - Love all the poses you come up with! They feel so natural and spontaneous. One of the items on my laundry list of things to improve upon :)  11.18.10 - 7:57am
Romonia Isaac - Oooohhhh, Jamie!!!!! Girl you are going to be one fierce bride! Gorgeous couple, absolutely gorge!!! Her smile is so infectious and inviting. Love this session Jasmine! Is this the session you rocked out with the 35mm? I love them all! They are a smoking hot couple whom you captured perfectly. My favorite is the one you ended you post with: I love her smile but I love how he is looking at her. LOVE! Great work as always! And yes, I loved the dress too--thanks for the link!!! :)  11.18.10 - 7:55am
Benoit Jansen-Reynaud - Wonderful photos Jasmine... Were you using your 50mm 1.2 for most of these? ;-)  11.18.10 - 7:53am
Chelsea Patricia - Love love love. The whole freakin' shoot. Lookin' SO good, Jas!  11.18.10 - 7:53am
anouschka - Love them! Look forward to seeing their wedding images, they're such a cute couple!  11.18.10 - 7:52am
jennifer smith - BEAUTIFUL!  11.18.10 - 7:49am
Saadia Me*Chel - Love that last shot! It literally takes my breath away.  11.18.10 - 7:49am
Katherine Ashdown - She is beautiful and your photos of her are magic. Just magic.  11.18.10 - 7:49am
Sue McFarland - Beautiful couple and you captured their happiness with such makes me smile to look at these shots and I don't even know the couple!! Thanks, Jasmine!   11.18.10 - 7:48am
Colibriphoto - Gorgeously beautiful! Love it!  11.18.10 - 7:48am
Salwa - WOW! What a gorgeous, gorgeous couple! Oh, and the photography's pretty sweet too ;). I'm pretty sure you're my hero, Jasmine.  11.18.10 - 7:48am
kelly marie - DUDE!! She looks exactly like Alicia Keys!! So beautiful Jasmine - the couple,and the photos!   11.18.10 - 7:48am
Clair - What a gorgeous smile indeed!  11.18.10 - 7:47am
Tina - Oh she is beautiful!!! I absolutely love her smile.........and that white dress!!   11.18.10 - 7:47am
Larissa - she looks like Alisha Keys :) great work Jasmin!!!!!!  11.18.10 - 7:46am
Megan - Such a true to life romance. I can't get over how beautiful Jamie's smile is~and how fierce Joel's eyes are in that third to last picture. And I would agree with you that Jami is going to be a knockout in ANY dress she puts on.   11.18.10 - 7:46am
Sarah King - Just Beautiful  11.18.10 - 7:46am
Micah Parsons - I absolutely love the fun and the heart that exudes from these images!  11.18.10 - 7:45am
Feuza - love it, gorgeous, and yes oh that dress  11.18.10 - 7:43am
Alex - GORGEOUS couple!! I love it!  11.18.10 - 7:43am
Laura Simmons - Absolutely beautiful couple, can't wait to see the wedding pics! luv how you include their story!  11.18.10 - 7:43am
Danielle - Wowzers! Hot couple!! Love this session! ;-)  11.18.10 - 7:42am
Diana - You are just amazing at what you do! I been following your blog and every new post just blows me away! God has given you an amazing talent, and you sure know how to use it girly!   11.18.10 - 7:40am