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When I photographed my first wedding, I battled nerves, insomnia, and an overwhelming fear that, yes, I was responsible for documenting the biggest day in a bride's life. I may or may not have breathed into a brown paper bag en route to the wedding. There were unexpected events (like when my flash wouldn't fire) and curveballs thrown my way (say, when the bride and groom portraits had to be taken at night), but I found a way to navigate the day. Much to my delight, the bride was thrilled with the results and this caused me to stop breathing into that darn paper bag.

Six years into my photography business, I realized most of the frustration I experienced in my career might've been alleviated had I known more about what actually happens on a wedding day. Familiarity with the ebb and flow of how to photograph weddings and engagement sessions was an important piece to my learning curve, so I'm inviting you to join me on a journey of real life education. These videos are a sneak peek to how I choose the perfect First Look location to how I photograph the bride's wedding dress...and much more.

I still use brown paper bags, but I prefer to fill them with shoes instead of my beleaguered breaths.

Talking Clients Through Poses

Previsualizing Your Shoots

Finding and Using Natural Reflectors

Shooting an Engagement Session Indoors

How to Photograph a Subject Backlit

How to Create Fun Photos During an Engagement Session

How to Shoot Dynamic Portraits During an Engagement Session

Offering Directions to Clients When Posing


Photographing the First Look

Capturing Those Signature Bridal Portraits

How to Pose a Bride and Groom Using a Reflected Light Source

Shooting Wedding Details : Paper Goods, Menus + Invitation

How to Remain in Control During Bridal Preparation

Maximizing Open Shade on a Wedding Day

Shooting Wedding Details : Bouquets + Boutonnieres

Making Time to Photograph Wedding Details

Photographing Portraits and Headshots

Finding the Best First-Look Location

Shooting Wedding Details : Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Shooting Indoors While Leveraging Natural and Artificial Light

How to Shoot a First Look

Photographing a Wedding Dress Indoors

Improving the Bride and Groom Portrait Experience

Best Practices for Photographing the Bridal Party

How to Photograph a Bride and Groom While Leveraging Environmental Elements

Posing and Shooting with Wide Apertures


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